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Old 12-14-2009, 07:56 AM
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Default Bone Cancer is a terrible thing...

It's really hard to say goodbye to a 12 year old family member. When you lose a dog who has been there for 12 years, it's tough, but for me, it was even harder making the decision to put her down.

On December 4th I put my friend, family member, and confidante of 12 years to sleep because she was suffering Bone Cancer. I didn't know much about Bone Cancer before, but now I know that it's painful, it comes on quickly, and in the case of Sasha, it was extreamly aggressive. I only had a week at tops to realize her limp was a lump, and that lump was cancer, and that she needed to be put to sleep.

I picked Sasha when she was a day old. I remember mom saying "You can have any of these puppies - but we're naming her Sasha." I picked my goofy reverse brindle girl.

The morning that the vet came was a hard one. I sat on the couch, Sasha's head in my lap, and just stared out the window. Looked down at her eyes every once in a while, and she gave me that "I'm ready to go, Shay." look everytime. I knew it was time, but that doesn't make it any easier to do, and it didn't make it hurt any less.

The vet came to our house to put her down... My sister and father were with her when they let her go (I couldn't handle it), and dad told me she leaned against is leg while the vet slid the needle in, and she just kind of drifted off while dad eased her down. A painless passing for my girl - it's what she deserved.

She's buried by our apple orchard now, with her mother, Sarah, and her oldie buddy, Callie.

The family all came home from work/school later that day, and just spent it together - one dog less. Heart breaking, but we know it was the best thing.

Here are a few pictures of the ones we've got of her... Plus some of about a month or two before we lost her, and one of she and I the night before...

Sasha and her litter mate.

Sasha and I taken what seems like forever ago...

If that dog could have given me everything in life that I ever dreamed of having, she would have.

Taken last year, in January. We thought we'd lose her in the summer of this past year... I guess we were lucky to get as long as we did.

I swear, I tortured that poor dog - she hated when I climbed that tree, because she couldn't be there with me.

Not the best picture, but it's the only one I have of those three together...

Myself (left side of screen), my mom (behind Sasha), and my sister (right side of screen) all with Sasha about a month or two before we let her go.

My dad wanted to take this picture - it's the night before. I looked like crap, sure, but Sasha didn't care.

Rest in peace, Sasha. You're missed.

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Old 12-14-2009, 08:01 AM
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I'm so very sorry. (((((((((hugs)))))))))))

RIP Sasha.
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Old 12-14-2009, 08:29 AM
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((((hugs)))) Shay. What a grand dog she was.
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Old 12-14-2009, 08:41 AM
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You can just tell she was a beautiful soul. THe photo of your mother and sister and you with Sasha, is priceless. So good that she was able to cross the bridge this way with her family around her at home. Run free Sasha.

Go Petie Go Go Who Go!

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Old 12-14-2009, 09:45 AM
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Fly free Sasha ~~~ I know you were loved and will be missed .
A light for all who are crossing dark times.
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Old 12-14-2009, 10:19 AM
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RIP Sasha!
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Old 12-14-2009, 11:34 AM
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I'm so sorry, Shay. She was very beautiful. You can tell through the pictures what a great dog she was.
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Old 12-14-2009, 12:19 PM
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I'm so sorry
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Old 12-14-2009, 01:09 PM
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I really miss her.

Zoey - Mini Aussie / Psyche - Border Collie / Simi - GSD
Forever Missed Bella - GSD [03-11-07 - 09-17-10]
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Old 12-14-2009, 04:04 PM
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I'm so sorry. Sasha is at peace now with all of our loved ones. She will be in your heart and memories forever. Hugs
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