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Old 10-07-2009, 03:20 PM
filarotten filarotten is offline
Fila Love
Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: Texas
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I was cooking spinach lastnight and somehow I slung some on the floor. I called Brutus over, he wouldn't touch it. He looked at me as If if had offended him and walked off. Cleo came over, touched it, with her tongue, and then gave me a dirty look and walked off also.

I have the Penelope vacuum. Perfect for sucking up food, unfortunately I can't bring that vacuum in the house anymore because of miss Cleo. She would like to turn Penelope into pork chops.
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Old 10-07-2009, 03:41 PM
Renee750il's Avatar
Renee750il Renee750il is offline
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Tallulah would have snarfed that spinach right up. Kharma would have required vinegar on it.
In a controversy the instant we feel anger we have already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun striving for ourselves. ~Buddha

Stupid is the most notoriously incurable and contagious disease known to mankind. If you find yourself in close proximity to someone infected with stupid, walk away as soon as said infection is noted.

There are few things more nauseating than pure obedience. ~ Kvothe

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Old 10-07-2009, 04:04 PM
Izzy's Valkyrie's Avatar
Izzy's Valkyrie Izzy's Valkyrie is offline
Very Food Agressive
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Laur, it sounds like Summer may be OCD with her food o.O

I had a dog that would carry his food a mouthful at a time away from his dish and eat it in the living room and repeat until it was gone but he never left any behind. Izzy is the same as most dogs on here, she makes a mess while eating but courteously cleans up afterwards
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Practice what you preach or keep your mouth shut.
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Old 10-07-2009, 04:24 PM
PoodleMommy PoodleMommy is offline
Yorkie Love
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I cant believe you have a dog that leaves leftovers...

all bowls are cleaned ASAP in this house, haha.
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Old 10-08-2009, 09:26 AM
Barb04's Avatar
Barb04 Barb04 is offline
Love my pets
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Location: Tennessee
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I feel for you. If I don't put rotisserie chicken in Max's food, he doesn't eat. All the dogs get some and now one of the cats has to have a little chicken to eat each night.

I do have a solution. If it really gets to you, I know of a great home with 5 dogs & 2 cats that she's welcome at!
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Old 10-08-2009, 10:26 AM
filarotten filarotten is offline
Fila Love
Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: Texas
Posts: 8,801

Barb, I think I'll keep her, but I will keep you in mind if I ever get to that point.
I think it is probably my fault, she picks the good stuff out and spits the nasty dog food out on the floor. I might do the same if I were a dog. She does eat her dog food in the middle of the night. So she is getting more than just the yummy stuff.
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