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Old 11-01-2009, 05:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Zoom View Post
I hope you realize what Karma has done to you here...
ZOMG. *facepalm*

Snorzzz, were you able to get into some training classes with that trainer?

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Old 11-08-2009, 10:39 AM
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i realy hope things can work out for you.

something you may not have thought of yet...
the training would help a huge would a puppy socilization class (he didnt have his mother and littermates to give him a good hard nip when he played too rough...and as much as im sure your little guy tried to raise him right, having someone his own size to wrestle with in terms of a playmate (mabe someone local has a dog frinedly dog you could have playdates with) could be a huge help.

something im also going to put forward to you...
hes a lab (be it a mix or not) they are eager to please and very inteligent but they need a job...
why not give him one.
you said your disabled, and jack seems extreemly attatched to you...why not teach him to help you.
get him his basic training first, sit stay down, leash manners, the usual...
but once hes got some of that under his belt teach him new tricks like how to unload the washing machine fetching things for you. make it a game of putting his toys away.

they may seem like "silly" tricks, but 1: if they would help you out around the house, whats a little extra helping paw?! and 2: while they may seem silly these little tricks are actually mental stimulation, remember these dogs were bred to giving him this job, something he can focus on could do him a world of good!

you coudl train him many things to help directly with your disability.

right now hes a rambunctious energetic puppy who missed some crutial development stages with his mother and littermates, but i think with the right socilization, a kind but firm hand, and some training you could see a model citizen.

it does mean theres oging to be work on you and your hubbies end...
but if you truly love this dog it would definatly eb worth the effort.
and a well trained dog is much easier to rehome than a ramdunctious crazy dog.

good luck!

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