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Old 08-29-2005, 10:48 PM
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Ok here i go (I love Poodles)

I experience we once owned and raced a standard Poodle/Husky lol her name was Moe Moe. And she was the sweetest, smartest, most people pleasing dog ever. She loved kids and just people in general.

One day when I was a kid my sister randomly brought home a small apricot colored male toy poodle we named Ralph. He was her dog but he really slept in my bed and spent most of his days with my mum. He like Moe Moe was super sweet and funny and smart. But he was also protective sometimes like if my sister or I got in a fight and started hitting each other he would get mad and start snarling and snapping not wanting us to fight. He was really REALLY smart actually 2 examples.
1. If you went "Ralphie!!! Want some Ice cream???!!!" he would get all excited and start snorting and run back and forth between us and the freezer. he would also do the same thing only with the car if we said "Ralphie! wanna go bye byes???!!!".
2. He also one day got into my sisters box of Hershey kisses and carefully unwrapped each one and ate it. he never got sick from it but it was funny to see all the foil wrappers around my sisters room.

Ralph started having seizers at 11 years old and started losing control of how bowels and had to be put down but wow was he ever a great dog!!

My Mum now owns Brutis anouther Minature male poodle who is black. Brutis is 5 years old and just amazing. Like Moe Moe and Ralph he is very smart and talented and loving. They are easy to house train or at least they are for us. Brutis spends all of his time with my mum following her about the house or the ranch. He will go and retrieve things that she asks for and knows a number of tricks.

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Pets name: Blue Moon

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Old 08-30-2005, 01:49 AM
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Thanks you guys. I have been researching and researching standard poodles for days now and I feel like my brain is about to burst. I think I can handle one of these dogs, I certainly have the time to play with them. I take my daugher and the pups out every afternoon for their romp and game of fetch in the backyard so I now I will have enough time to get it's energy out. I'm just trying to figure out what to feed it. I want to go with Innova I think for it, I was thinking possibly raw but I don't know yet it's really expensive I think. My husband is pushing for a raw diet and hopefully once my work starts picking up agian we might be able to do it.
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