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Old 07-01-2009, 05:27 AM
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Personally I would keep the dogs separated with babygates, so the old dog does not have to put up with the pup's behaviour, and only have them together short periods that you can supervise. Whenever you can't keep your eyes on the dogs, they should be separated. They might with plenty of time and positive experiences get used to each other, especially once the puppy comes out of his first year or two of puppy madness and is able to act more mature. The puppy does however need lots of positive experiences with other dogs that can teach him everything he missed out on when he did not get to stay with his mom & littermates until 8 weeks of age, but I don't know what the best way to accomplish that would be. I would at least not expect the older dog to put up with the pup and teach him proper dog behaviour when you said he's not big on other dogs.
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Old 07-01-2009, 06:36 PM
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They been around each other with baby gates for about 4 and half weeks now. I ment he doesn't like random dogs coming around him or his territory he really freaks out. But neighbors dogs are fine, he been around them since they were pups and they get along good. Chance is fine around pup when there buy the baby gates until pup starts to freak out cry and whine then he growls a little and walks away.
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Old 07-04-2009, 09:52 PM
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Hi Simpy, I know what you're going thru, I'm in a similar situation.

The attitude I've taken is, dogs are pack animals. And pack animals want to be together with you, the pack leader!
In a pack, the pack leader won't allow another dog to hurt a puppy, the pack leader will protect the puppy.

So the gate is a good thing, you are protecting the pup. But you need to have some times when you are in a room with both dogs. I think the key is to choose the right time. It needs to be a time that is good for the older dog Chance. A time when Chance is not hungry or not too tired.

I would then pick the puppy up and sit in a room with Chance there too. Then put the puppy down on the floor, and if you can, get down on the floor with the puppy and Chance. Now you have to watch things very closely. You have to give them a chance to sniff each other, and see how things go. If the puppy is too active, getting too close to Chance, and Chance is starting to growl, then you might need to pick the puppy up again.

The object is to teach them what you will and will not tolerate. Chance needs to know you won't allow the puppy to wear him out, and the puppy needs to know he can't dive into Chance and invade his space. So it becomes a learning experience for you and the dogs.

At some point, let the dogs be together but with you in the room with them. Just observing them. You must expect that Chance will nip at the pup. But that is a good thing, because Chance is trying to teach the pup what he can and cannot do. Don't fuss at Chance if he nips at the pup. Stand back and watch closely. If it excalates into a fight, then step in immediately to protect the pup.

Remember, a pack leader(you) won't allow a dog to hurt a pup. But nipping and "mild" growling is not hurting the pup, it's teaching the pup manners.
The pup will learn to respect Chance, and learn what Chance will and will not tolerate. With you standing close by as a referee. As much as possible, don't interfere, let the dogs be, only step in if the puppy gets too active or Chance gets too aggressive.

I would try doing this a couple times a day, maybe 10-15 minutes at a time.
If things go well, you could increase the time they spend together, but you will always need to let Chance have lots of time alone without the pup to bother him.

Having said all this, I must tell you I am having trouble with my dogs, so my advice should probably be approved by others here.
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Old 07-07-2009, 02:30 AM
Simpy Simpy is offline
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Thx alot for you're post snorzzz, been kinda busy fixing the fence so dogs have a place to play. A lot of good info, going to try some of it out soon after i get this darn thing up so i can use that area to get them together, atleast i hope so. puppy seems to get along with most other dogs, he doesn't go crazy and think there his mother like chance i guess, poor male dog is now a mommy.

Again thx alot for good info on all the replies.
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