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Old 09-06-2014, 04:07 PM
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Is biochemistry not a valid field of study? Why is it "biochemistry" now?

I'm very confused.
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Old 09-17-2014, 01:03 PM
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Thanks. Most of what you guys are discussing I can honestly say is going way over my head. Though the main thing I am gathering is that natural meat is good and grains are bad, starches and so on. Since we still are not totally sure what all is causing her previous allergies I will say all is bad for Sheena for sure and leave the rest of the discussion to your guys that understand this stuff. Unless you can dumb it down for me some.

Sheena was raised on Taste of the Wild till two and she developed allergies to that. So we switched to Blue Wilderness Salmon variety which she did just find on till this year. She is now 10 1/2. She has been on Carnivora for about 3 months and is now doing great. Both she and Daya are on it.

Sheena eats 1 1/2 patties twice a day. Except on Wednesday evening where they both get a raw frozen beef marrow bone for their supper instead. They also get half a patty of tripe(done by the same company) added to their dinner on Sunday. Daya(our 2yr old shepherd) eats 1 - 2 patties a day. Depending on her appetite that day.

The changes in Sheena are huge. Her coat is now fully back in. The scratching is almost all gone(she still is itching in the morning for the first hour of being up), her energy levels have jumped huge. She initiates play with Daya and it can go on for long periods of time. She has her happy eager look back instead of her dull miserable eyes staring back at me. They are only pooing once a day and it is tiny with almost no odour. And it turns white within 24 hours. Daya is the same way. And both their coats are so soft and silky. Their teeth are clean and healthy and their is no more bad breath and this may sound weird but no more gas either. At least nothing we notice where on kibble it could be clear the room times sometimes.

I have nothing but positives to say about it and the price is comparable to feeding them the high end kibble. I will never go back to kibble.
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Old 09-17-2014, 02:20 PM
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Default Excellent job, NicoleJ

You've nailed it with everything you said... that's exactly what a balanced, enzyme-rich raw meat diet will do... siimilar to what they've been eating for the last 40 million years or so.

Remember, the diet MUST be balanced or bad thngs will start to happen.

However, bad allopathic veterinarians and the unethical AVMA, AAHA, AAFP & NASPHV have all issued directives saying what you are doing is dangerous and a bad idea... that's because healthy dogs means no $$$$ for them... and they'll try and sell you a bag of garbage Hill's Prescription Diet kibble instead!

One thing about the beef marrow bone... it doesn't really do anything for them and may cause damage to their teeth if it's a weight-bearing bone.

You need to feed a meaty bone such as a rib bone... it's the meat that cleans the teeth and gums and gives extra nutrition.

The great Dr. Tom Lonsdale, DVM even wrote two books on the subject: Raw Meaty Bones Promote Health and Work Wonders: Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones.

Sheena and Daya will thank for the rest of their lives... no more vet visits for illness and disease due to bad commercial petfoods!
Roger Biduk
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