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Old 01-27-2008, 04:58 PM
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Unhappy I Can't Stand It Anymore.

*sob* this town is so undogfriendly.

I get out of church this morning to find a dog standing by the door. Then a friend tells me "Oh it's just so and so's dog" I don't care who the hell that dog belongs too, it's on the side walk of one of the BUSIEST roads in town. We've got LEASH LAWS for Heaven Sake.

And you know what? Everyone thinks it's okay because "It's just the (insert name) dogs. There nice" My poor dad, I completely lost it talking 90mph becasue I was so mad on the way to the car.

Fine. It's over with, I just hoped I would have a good long walk with Lizzie when I got home.


I was going to walk with my dad and Major in the woods trail, and I went ahead. They didn't come for another 30 minutes so we just practiced some Ob. Cool.

Then they get there and said why they were late is because my dad tlaked to our new neighbors - some may remember they have an Aussie?

They don't have an Aussie.

They have a minature Aussie. Wanna know why? This is the best part.....

Because 1 - A true Aussue is "too drivey". So what does a Mini Aussie have "less brians". 2 - because Border Collie's can't be family pets. Then he starts talking about how his dog "chewed through a leash". Wonder why?


I lost it all over again. Not only were they talking lies about MY BREED but also Aussies.

I couldn't take it anymore, I walked so far ahead of everyone and took it out on Lizzie becasue she wouldn't stop pulling. I just dropped and started crying. Why are people so stupid?!


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