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Old 07-19-2005, 05:28 PM
ZlatasPop ZlatasPop is offline
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MOrdy sorry about that. My intentions certainly were NOT to offend anyone. My only reason for mentioning the price is that to ME that was a big investment. I did NOT intend to spend that kind of money on a dog only to feed her Purina or Alpo & having tied up in my back yard. As for the "mutt" comments that was meant to mean a NON Pedigreed dog. Perhaps I simply don't know enought about dogs, I've admitted that since I started posting, THATS the REASON I'm here Mordy.
Thanks for the advice on the supplments. Also I HAD heard tha CALCIUM WAS BAD & TO NEVER give it to dogs. I finally bought a bag of Innova today. I'm still giving her the c & the E. Is there anything else you'd recommend at THIS time? She is still growing her teeth (5 months old this 22nd) & her ears are PERFECT at this time. I've had her since June 1 so I guess if they haven't drooped by now they wont. At least I hope so.
Once again sorry about my comments, that was just out of ignorance. I realize EVERYONE hear loves their dog & was not intending to offend anyone.
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Old 07-20-2005, 01:37 AM
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ZlatasPop, i definitely understand where you are coming from.

and i admire you for doing your "homework" on dog ownership so thoroughly, not very many people do that.

calcium supplementation isn't bad in itself, in fact in some cases you have to use a calcium supplement to balance out an otherwise out-of-proportion diet, but recent research has shown that it is not a good idea to give to large and giant breed puppies while they are still growing.

this is a relatively new development, when i got my dane back in 1980, the breeder insisted that we had to feed a mineral supplement with extra calcium until the dog was fully grown. luckily it didn't hurt him and he lived to over 11 years old, but it could have done serious damage.

if i were you, i'd just add a good quality fish oil into your feeding regimen, it's not only good for the immune system, skin and coat, but it also supports brain development.
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