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Old 12-23-2007, 10:36 PM
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I would advise a lot of thought be put into starting to keep sugar gliders. I've kept them for the last 4 years, and although they CAN make good pets, they really do need a lot of attention.

Not just a couple hours a day really, they are very dependant socially, more than I can really describe. Having a second glider helps, but you still have to plan on spending a fair amount of your day AND night with them. If you have a LOT of other pets, this won't be as possible, otherwise you become someone providing a place to live for a couple of animals who aren't necessarily conscious you exist other than a means of feeding. If you have a job that requires no lifting and lets you keep them in your clothes all day, then it's more feasible.

My husband absolutely detests them. Their smell is very different. Some don't mind it, and others are absolutely offended by it(such as my husband). Aside from the normal poo/pee the males mark incessantly - in fact it's ill advised to really clean their cages completely, because it causes them to OVER mark. This is curbed in part by neutering(which mine are) but not completely.

Feeding isn't bad, I rather enjoy feeding live mealworms and pinky mice because it makes them VERY happy. There is, however, a fair amount of debate over WHAT is a good diet. I choose the BML diet plan because it's a version of the austrailian zoo recipe that's been modified with ingredients available in the US(high protein baby cereal is NOT available in the US, which the aussie recipe called for).

I love them and all, but there are a lot of things that I know really makes them not for everyone. I made a mistake and let a pair breed, with particularly devastating consequences - the likes of which made me unable to keep said pair. I thought i could handle it, until i saw it for myself. PM for more info, I won't go into detail here

If you want a pet that will READILY accept you and can spend some time on it's own - stick with kitties and rats. If you want a pet that will begin consuming your life, go for gliders. (i don't mean that as cynically as it sounds, but even as a glider owner I don't believe they're really *very* good pets in general. they're not really in the same category as dogs/cats/rats and shouldn't be considered in the same vein for ownership.)
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Old 12-24-2007, 10:42 PM
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that is wonderful info. i have been very lucky to have spent quite a bit of time with gliders, i have decided however that at this point in time a glider is not an option, i have to find a part time job because were keeping the shop open but i wont be getting a wage, and between working 2 jobs, walking 2 miles every day, seeing the boyfrined and working the dogs i just dont have an extra peice to dedicate right now...

i did end up taking on some ratties, but it looks like they will be temporary...strangely ive developed a bad allergy to them (ive not stopped sneezing since they came home, strange since i had them for years but aparently a few years break and now...ick, and ive tried a few different litters to try and help incase it was dust but nope its when i take them out of the cage...gah!)

so im thinking for now the 3 dogs and mabe eventually a kitten will wander into my home...

ive got to try and rehome the ratties...*sigh* and i figure if im allergic to rats theres a possibility id be allergic to a glider too, (i cant have birds because of an allergy to the "dust"

but again, thank you for that info! first hand is always better than things you read online

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