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Old 11-25-2007, 07:18 PM
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Default Does this annoy anyone else?

/rant on

Sarama is a bitch! A BITCH! That is the correct English term for a female dog. Bitch! Yes, let me say it again, BITCH!

A female horse is a mare or a filly
A female pig is a sow
A female sheep is a ewe
A female goat is a nanny
A female deer is a doe
A female dog is a bitch

Why, oh why, do I, even at the dog park, have to catch myself and end up saying . . . "She's a bit-female." Because if I don't I get strange looks . . . if I slip at the office I get REALLY strange looks . . . looks like why are you calling your dog names, and using bad language?

This has driven me insane from childhood . . .when I made the mistake, in first grade of drawing a "Darling picture" of a bitch with puppies . . . and then refering to it as such . . . ended up in the principal's office for that one . . . boy was my mother mad . . . though not at me.

The correct term for a female dog is BITCH. What ever else it means, it means a female dog. It is the correct term for a female dog.

Sarama is a BITCH, I tell you, a BITCH. Not a 'female dog' and not a 'girl dog' and not, god help me, a 'woman dog'. She's a BITCH!

/rant off
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