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Old 11-24-2007, 03:45 PM
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Default Bimmer Gets Buzzed

My dad's been ordering stuff again.

This time it's a set of remote switches and buzzers and motion detectors and dimmers for lights.

He had the box out the other evening - he'd waited until my mom had gone to bed so he could tinker without being harangued - and was happily checking out the range on the motion detector and the remote buzzer.

Bimmer and I were over there sitting in the front living room while Dad was playing with his toys in the back den. He was activating the buzzer over and over and over and eventually Bimmer got up and looked at me plaintively.

"Can you make it STOP?" Bimmer couldn't have been any more eloquent if he'd spoken out loud.

I got up to take my dish into the kitchen - and ask Dad if he would play more quietly. Bimmer, being Bimmer, was right behind me.

We got to the kitchen and as we crossed the door threshold we triggered the new motion detector, which set off the buzzer plugged into the wall in the den.

Bimmer stopped cold in his tracks and cocked his head, first to one side, then the other, with his ears on full tracking radar.

I stepped back and set the thing off again.

Bimmer swiveled his left ear once and homed in on the sound.

He marched straight over to the wall and found . . . nothing.

He snorted at the wall and looked puzzled.

So I stepped across the threshold again and the noisemaker did its thing again.

Bimmer's ears went full forward and his tail shot straight up, then wagged furiously. He did a quick wolf-slink through the door. I followed him as quickly as I could and got there just as he found what he was looking for directly behind the spot on the wall he'd been after in the kitchen.

Dad had the buzzer plugged into the outlet on the wall between the kitchen and the den.

Right then, Dad came back from the Library. He had the second motion sensor in his hand and waved his fingers in front of it when he saw Bimmer standing there looking at the buzzer.

The buzzer buzzed again and Bimmer made one of his noises down in his chest. Dad set it off again, several times in succession.

Bimmer stood up on his back legs and lightly balanced himself against the wall with one front paw, then, with the two middle claws on his other front paw, he poked the round plastic shield in the center of the buzzer. He evidently thought the same thing I did, that the round shield was a button to turn it off because when Dad activated it again, he tried to push the shield in again.

I always knew the little guy was a smart one, but that's almost too smart!
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