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Old 11-11-2007, 09:25 PM
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Originally Posted by noludoru View Post
You could have some potted mint plants by the door..... the scent would probably be more than enough in the spring-to-fall months to get her there. Or maybe a small pine-type tree.. the ugly decorative ones.

I'm so glad she's learning, though. She sounds very adaptable, and boy is she lucky to have you.
Thanks alot of the advice!!

Today I walked her, I couldn't stand not involving her in an activity she loved doing so much. It went really well, VERY SLOW & VERY LONG, but it went well! I walked her the path she knew, at first it was slow, but she got the idea of me calling her. I kept praising her saying good girl to encourage her to keep walking its okay & that I was there with her. I felt that she seemed secured when I called her & knew that I wasn't going to let anything happen to her. I tug at her leash when she's going to bump into something. But the path I went was pretty clear and just mostly grass so it went good. She manged to avoid a bush all by herself!! Its like she knew it was coming! I'm going to try the left & right commands for our next walk instead of tugging on her leash. Then I walked Pepe & Princess separate and afterwards gave all them treats & I cuddled up with Didi & Pepe on the couch and watched the Pursuit Of Happiness. Princess was busy chasing those little flying things the sunlight makes. But then she came and cuddle with us after she was done with her fun.

Thanks elegy for the link! Those are great! And I suppose I'll stop babying her & picking her up, but I just felt so bad that this is happening to her thought it'll make her life easier. I'm thinking of getting one of those I'm blind apparrel since I still want her to take her places with me. And I'm buying a kong for sure! I was actually thinking about her missing out on chasing small critters today, since Pepe & Princess had a ball today chasing a cat out of our backyard & felt bad Didi couldn't take part of the fun sicne she had n oidea there was a cat in our yard, but great to find out she still can chase if I alert her when there's something to chase!

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Old 11-11-2007, 10:49 PM
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Our old dog went blind the last 6 years of her life. At first it was a huge adjustment for her. but she got very used to it. Dont rearange any furniture at all, that way she can map out where everything is. With time she will become well adjusted to life this way. Our dog was terrified of walks afterwords. But what we did to break up some bordom was go for car rides. I would hold her as she put her head out the window, or i would carry her around the blokc and sit her down by some trees and such asn just let her sniff. She was older when she went blind so was less actuve (she went fully blind by age 9). You can teach her to walk upstairs and such so she gets reused to it. Just say step up when going up and step down. At the dog park a lady brings her dog with her her dogs is comletly blind and the dog knows "find me" which means find the owner, and she will find her very easily. Also step up as when we walk int he woods there is roots every where. her dog thrives on walks still and would just devestate her if they stop.
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Old 11-12-2007, 01:54 PM
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FOHA has adopted out several blind dogs in the 3 years I've been there. One of the most memorable is Diamond Jim. He looks like a really small rottweiler. He was adopted out to a family with another dog. He was with them some years, then came back for being destructive when the other dog died. Then the poor old boy was in and out of foster homes because of his seperation anxiety, until one of the volunteers finally adopted him, and now he lives happily with her and her other dog. DJ did well with being blind, except for the SA. He let you lead him on the leash, and he was very sweet.

Blind animals usually cope very well with the blindness. Like the others said, don't move the furniture because they learn where everything is, and if stuff is moved they will get confused. Most blind dogs I've known have acted like any other normal dog. I've never owned one myself though, only a half-blind cat once (RIP Franco).
FOHA - Adopt!

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