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Old 10-18-2007, 11:09 AM
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yes i accept it easy and if you know what has been accomplished by it, you would to.

shelter animals are not always a good candidate for testing and why do you think that is better than dogs bred specifically for the purpose of testing i dont get that. research needs very specific parameters to be able to find the answers they need. shelter dogs usually wont fill these parameters nor do they provide consisency in genetics needed for proper reliable testing.

if they figure out how to fix cure or otherwise get around the defect with out PET dogs suffering then they can poison as many dogs as it takes to get there so that MY PETS YOUR PETS OUR PETS do not suffer those consequences. sounds harsh but thats how i feel.

almost all of our pets and id ventur to say almost all of our families have been saved or helped by animal testing. it is a necessary evil that cannot be done with computers or simulators or past results. thats reality. animal rights want you to believe that is not true but it is.

its not always as easy as 'just breed it out' as you can breed yourself into a corner when/if another more serious defect comes along and it will. it sounds good in theory but you cannot look at breeding animals in such a black and white light as there are genetic defects hidden that may pop up and ruin a breed entirely if it is limited in teh first place i believe this almost happened to basenjis.

we are america and i thank my lucky stars that we do animal testing for the benefit of humans and animals.

I calls it as I sees it.
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