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Old 10-12-2007, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by HoundedByHounds View Post, as more profanity slings forth. One of the first things people on the defensive do is deflect blame and use misdirection. My kiddos, 6 and 4 y/o BTW, do that a lot...mostly when they know they've done something worth being defensive about.
You just used the same tactic your condeming Save for using. You didn't answer which other forums you've seen her say "this is my last post because etc."

Couple of observations from reading here:

1. The forum has changed. To say other wise is a tad bit nieve. Forums always change, new members join and old members leave, thus the tone and discussion topics of a forum change and evolve over time. A forum might still hold it's original intent but the way it's conveyed is different now then it was last month which is different from last year and it will be different a year from now also. In order to stay afloat it has to change. Whether you notice the change or not as it goes with what you want the forum to be or do or do not have any problem with the changes that take place.
If you still want to believe the forum has never changed, I have a Hendrix air guitar for sale that you might be interested in.

2. When old members, core members and some of the mod staff start bickering in open public like is happening right now generally there is something pretty darn wrong. In this case it seems to be about the types of members and freedom of speach afforded to them that have joined of late. I've seen more then a few topics and wondered "how the hell isn't this locked yet". Of course I don't always report it so I suppose that makes me just as guilty as the moron posting blatantly stupid comments... however I've noticed that on the occassions I have hit the report post button it still takes a while for anything to get done... and what thats complained about we get told that people here have the right to free speach and that moderators don't exist to do members bidding.
So then what becomes the value behind hitting that button to report trolls and other unpleasantries... look at how many people a certain member who was recently banned offended and that was pretty well agreed on that they weren't a beneficial member to the community, before corrective action was taken?

3. Lastly I'm probably going to step out of line here... but Chazhound I find it pretty interesting your criticising somebody else for speaking about what Chazhound is all about when, in my time here, this is the most active I've ever seen you in a single topic with all of two posts. You are the least active, yet still present, administrator I've seen on any of them dozen plus forums I've been to over the years. You don't speak about what Chazhound is all about anymore... I'm sure there was a time when you were fairly active but in the basically year that I've been lurking and then joined and began posting you haven't spoken up, you've let your members and moderators do the speaking for you in regards to what this forum is about.
I'm sure you've got a lot of other things to do as we can all agree, web forums don't control any of our lives (unless you create web forums and work for some of the forum companies for a living I guess) but perhaps having a bit more visible presence wouldn't be such a terrible thing for the sake of the community. At least that way we might be able to avoid the part of the arguement where what the community is about comes into play.

Please note, this is not meant as attack or to be offensive so hopefully it will not be taken as such, trying to be helpful in the only way I know how
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