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Old 09-16-2007, 01:38 PM
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Default Positive run-ins with pet owners stories:

all too often around here we get stories of byb and puppy millers, designer dogs, ignorant people, morons who for some odd reason think Caeser Milan is a miracle worker, irresponsiblity, etc.

Let's have a thread for good stories. You know, when you run into a decent, educated or willing-to-be-educated dog owner?

Yesterday at the bookstore i was glancing through dog books, and there was a man with two children (about 7 & 8). They were picking out all kinds of books on training, puppies, etc. I asked if they were getting a dog, and the man said a St. Bernard puppy, but he was five weeks old so they had a while to wait. He sounded very responsible and like he had done his research, not only about raising a puppy but before he picked one out.

Also, this is a conversation i had a while back with my cousin, age 8. He was terrified of dogs for the longest time but is starting to warm up to them.

Cousin - "did you get Milo and Benji from the dog shelter?"
Me - "No" *silently pleading please don't ask and make me admit he's from a petstore*
Cousin - "oh. Well did you get them from a petstore, then?"
Me - *writhing in embarrasment and ICK* "Yes."
Cousin - "oh. Well i hope they didn't come from a puppy mill. Because a lot of puppies in pet stores come from puppy mills.*
Me - "I know, it's a bad idea to get a puppy from a petstore. You should adopt one or get one from a good breeder"

A few minutes pass.

Cousin - "i don't think Milo came from a puppy mill."
Me - "why not?"
Cousin - "because if he came from a puppy mill, he probably would have gotten sick and maybe died. I'm really glad he didn't get sick."

It was SOOOOoo cute. Then he told me about how his teacher got a maltese puppy from Puppy Palace or something, and she really loved the dog but it got sick and died, and then she found out she should get one from a breeder so she went to a breeder and got another puppy and it's healthy.
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Old 09-16-2007, 04:42 PM
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i was at petsmart last weekend. and was standing there digging through toys to find yoshi one and this little girl about 8 or 9 came up and was like 'your dog is pretty... would it be ok if i pet her?' after having yoshi mauled by a bunch of little kids when we first walked in *their family was leaving* i was shocked to actually have a little kid ask and i was like sure. then this lady came around the corner with three more kids and was like 'did you ask if you could pet that dog?' then she looked at me and went 'i try to teach all of them to ask first. it's taken a while because whenever i bring them here we always see other kids runing up and petting dogs. none of the other kids ask. so they just want to pet the dogs too. but they're getting better at it. i've been teaching them that it's not a petting zoo and some dogs don't like being petted. would it be ok if the res of my kids ask to pet her?' i said fine and yoshi was an angel through it. :O just shocks me because usually i dodge families with kids there because they always run up to yoshi and pet her really hard. but i was glad to see someone teaching their kids to ask
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Old 09-16-2007, 04:45 PM
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Hmmm, I was at the dog park with my chis a few months back, and I started talking to a young couple who had a rat terrier. Anyway, about 20 minutes later they had to leave to go pick up dog food... I asked them what they fed and they said "Innova."

Seriously, I think that's one of my only positive run ins. Pretty sad, huh?

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Old 09-16-2007, 05:08 PM
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Geez. I meet many more apparently responsible and generally nice dog owners than I do jerks. Most of the kids I meet ask to pet. I've met many owners who were interested in an impromptu off leash play session.

Life is good.
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Old 09-16-2007, 05:35 PM
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I had a similar experience in a Petsmart (is it Pet Smart or Pets Mart?) Where a woman and her 5 (FIVE!!!) kids walked by and the kids asked the mom if it was ok to say hello to Xerxes. The mom asked me and I said yes, but only one at a time. Xerxes was fine with them for about 4 minutes and then he walked behind me, as if to say "ok, I'm done." The children were super polite and made sure he smelled them and not a single one of them went over top of his head or covered his eyes in any way. It was the best "kid" experience ever!

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