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Old 09-08-2007, 12:12 AM
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Unhappy Tick Infestation!

The other day I was sittin with my Sana watching tv and I noticed a little grey bump on her kinds freaked me out at first...I looked more closely at it and found it to be a tick! After further inspection of her fur my boyfriend and I found a few more. Over the last three days we've must've removed at least 30 ticks off the dog.

On the first day we only noticed a couple, so we removed them completely with tweezers and gave her a bath, but we only had people shampoo, and it was late at night so we used that then left her alone thinking maybe she'd just brushed against a bush or something and that would be the end of it.

On the second day though, after finding more, I went to Petsmart and picked up flea and tick supplies. I got:
a new two sided brush for her long and short hair,
Sentry Value Flea and Tick Shampoo,
Sentry Dual Action Flea and Tick Collar
Adams Plus Flea and Tick Mist with Insect Growth Regulator
and Zodiac Spot On Flea and Tick Control for Dogs up to 30lbs (she's between 25 and 30lbs)
We searched her over for a good couple hours and found a good number more that weren't visible the day before. We gave her a nice brush down, washed and sprayed all her bedding and stuffed toys, the carpet, the furniture, and vacuumed the furniture and carpet in every room in the apartment too, we cleaned the bathroom and even checked the perimeter of the patio for any possible place where she may have picked up the ticks...but we found none in the apartment or around the apartment, only on her. So we sprayed her down with the mist too and put the tick collar on, and put the Spot On gel on her before giving her a new bone and sending her to bed.

After getting home from work my boyfriend and I decided we might as well pin her down and check her again, so for at least another hour we ran our fingers through her fur and searched her up and down...finding more! We removed them all like we did the rest, brushed her down again and gave her a bath with the special shampoo this time. We found a few dead/half-living ones around her crate in the carpet so we vacuumed all over again and sprayed the whole apartment down again too. Then put her special collar back on and applied a new supply of the Spot On before spraying her with a little more mist.

I don't know how she could have picked them up...she keeps herself so darn clean, and we always have the apartment clean too...she hasn't been out any place as of lately...not even on a walk because I've had to work odd hours this last week. She spends most of her time either on the patio or inside and I don't have any pets nor have I had any company over.

Am I doing the right things to get rid of them? Anyone have any such situations as mine that just really "tick"ed you off?

By the way, the third picture down is what we've found on her...looks like the male and female...we usually find them together like that, or close to each other:

Any comments are greatly appreciated!
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