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Old 10-07-2004, 11:45 PM
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Angry Catnapper in neighbourhood

Earlier this week, one of our feline friends "Atlas" Got out of the house. Normally when they get out they just stay and lounge on the step, same with his brother "Zeus" But not last Monday! Zeus came in fine, but Atlas didn't. He was gone! It took us all a little bit aback considering he never does that. We waited for a day and a half to see if he'd come back but he didn't so we created some fliers called local vets and animal shelters and asked them if they'd had anyone bring in a stray cat. And they said no, and said there was a 2% chance we'd ever see him again. Another person around the little suburb we live in called the number on the flier and pointed out that she too ALSO lost her cat from her back yard on the same day. They were both gone until Thursday night/friday morning. I leave my window open at night, the cool breeze keeps the moisture out and also keeps us cool. I heard a frantic meowing at my window, frustrated i thought that Zeus had gotten into the basement and sat up to go retrieve him and put him upstairs, then i saw a figure scurry infront of the window and i jumped saying out loud "What the hell! Atlas is back!" And i ran to the window and called his name, and his meowing got more frantic then ever. I ran upstairs, opened the door and he ran in. His collar was broken, and he was starving to death. He ate his entire bowl of food then kicked his brother out of the way to eat his as well! I heard him at 2am in the morning. Today the girl that also lost her cat said her's came home at 4am this morning. Im curious, a little bit angry and scared that somebody is out there kidnapping cats and doing god knows what to them. Luckily enough he seems okay, there aren't any scratches. But the girl said her cat was now deathly afraid of going outside. I wonderwhat happened
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