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Old 08-27-2007, 09:14 AM
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Default stupid worms

well i cant be certain where Ruby picked them up, but shes got roundworms poor baby.
She didnt have them before she left me...and hasnt been anywhere she might have gotten them since returning home. (vixie, doder Rosie and Charlie are all worm free and the garden is kept very clean with daily poop pick up.)

so i called the vet, since ive seen liveworms in her poop there definatly rounds, she said if these are adult worms she must have picked them up either before leaving or while away at her "part time" home for that week...she seems to belive its most likely she picked them up during that week as its "perfect" timing...

shes given us a generic Pyrantel Paoemate (sp?) essentially generic strongid to kill em and clean her up...

but she warned me due to the fact i didnt notice any worms untill this morning, and have been lazy the past few days picking up because im not feeling great, there could be the risk of the other dogs getting them from the yard.

Im going to end up treating all the dogs obviously...

But is there any yard spray or something i can use after poop pickup to kill any that might be remaining in the garden?!

weve NEVER had worms so this is new to me and i dont want this to be a repeating problem...

any suggestions?

and heres me thinking "i wonder why ruby is so skinny, shes eating great...hmmm...."
one more thing to add to the, what the hell did that lady do to you while you were away.
i was nice and e-mailed her to tell her that ruby had worms that the vet belives she picked up while at her home, i didnt make any suggestions about it being her dog but said if she has wild animals comming into her yard it could be that and because she has a young daughter it would be best to just be safe.
she threw a hissy fit because i must have sent ruby to her WITH worms (despite the 2 vet records stating 3 differten fecals were clean!) and its all my fault and im a bad dog owner...*sigh*

eitherway, pyrantel should clear them up quick right?!

I wonder if other dogs think Cresties are members of some weird religious cult?

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