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Old 08-20-2007, 04:32 PM
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Exclamation Diarrhea, kibble related?

I recently got a dog from an animal shelter, she's about 6 months old and I was told she was a German Shepard mix, I've had her for about 2 weeks now...she's a smaller dog, averaging between 25 and 30lbs. She was in excellent health, has all her shots up to date, and was spayed and has healed wonderfully.

When I brought her home she was fine, hyper and happy and normal stool. It seems though, that as the food she had been given at the shelter finished going through her system and the new food I've been giving her has kicked in, she's had diarrhea, and it's only gotten worse...I've tried having her go 12 hours without food, to try to settle her stomach, but it did nothing for her. She's still as hyper and happy as she was, but its no fun to have to let her out every 45 mins...nor is it to clean up her accidents when she can't quite make it to the door in time...and I know she doesn't enjoy it either.

I'm feeding her pedigree for puppies, never any people food or table scraps...but after doing some research, I'm thinking of trying something new...

Is it bad to give a 6 month old puppy adult dog food? I was considering trying Pro-plan for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Suggestions on which puppy food is the "best"? Is there a puppy food for sensitive stomachs?

I'm going to give her plain chicken and rice for dinner, along with half of an immodium pill to see how she does...chicken and rice the next couple days, then gradually introduce a new kibble, whatever it may be. How about plain scrambled egg by the way? Is that gentle on their stomachs as well?

I hate to have to take her to the vet and stress her out even more...she's drinking just fine also, I've made sure of that so she wont become dehydrated...any advice or suggestions would be appreciated though.
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