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Old 08-06-2007, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by SisMorphine View Post
Around here a few years back there was a man who died and his dog, his faithful companion of 10 years, ate his face. Dogs being dogs.
Umm is it normal for a dog to eat a dead person's face?
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Old 08-06-2007, 01:54 PM
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Once you are dead and the dog is very hungry, I would assume it looks at you like meat. We had a case a few years ago where a man died and his dogs ate a portion of him before his corpse was found.
Much as I like to think they wouldn't, I know my dogs would eat me after a few days, if it came down to eating me or starving. The cat on the other hand, probably wouldn't even wait until I was cold before chowing down.
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Old 08-06-2007, 09:35 PM
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If the bites didn't come from the mastiffs, then where did they come from? A strange dog that just happened to be in the house? That doesn't make sense. The mastiffs would have taken what ever attacked the man and killed it.

I am sure one of the mastiffs are to blame for the bites. Could have been one of the dogs, two, or from all of them. If it was originally thought that he died from the attack, then I am sure the bites were pretty bad. Not just a scratch here, a little puncture over there, and a couple small lacerations over there. I am not saying that the dog or dogs were trying to kill the guy, but obviously they were deliberately inflicting bodily harm even though the heart attack killed him.

Just my opinion.
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