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Old 07-18-2007, 05:53 PM
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Default She was killed today

This is young little Lacy way back when she was jsut a very young pup. She was small, smart, eager to listen and please. All she needed was someone to exercise, train, and love her.

She was adopted out. Now is is over a year old and dumped back at the shelter, owners claiming she was "too hyper"(perhaps because they ignored and never exercised her), "untrainable" (again, perhaps should have actually TRIED to train her), and runs off too much(lets hear it one more time, maybe theyshould have exercised her!).

And today, given only the small chance that someone would want a jumping, barking, circling, energetic dog that loves to pull on the leash and doesn't even know to sit, she was sent off to be euthanized.

They killed her. And when I say "they", I do not mean the actual individuals that put that needle into her injecting the substance that would end her life quickly and painlessly while perhaps even holding that sweet girl tight in their arms fighting back tears.. no, not them. I am talking about the ignorant individuals that neglected this dog. It is they.. they are the ones that killed this dog.

Anger won't help the matter. It was mere ignorance, not purposeful abuse... but my heart is torn for this dog. I was not able to save her. I could blame myself, I could blame the previous owners, or maybe I should go all the way back to blaming the people that bred this puppy in the first place.

Yes, there are many to blame, and many do share an important role in this dog's death..

and that is why I must continue to do my best to educate. And one will never do so with blame, anger or hatred. No, I will not feel hate. No, I will not be angry at anyone. No, I will not even let myself blame and point fingers even if those idnividuals so rightly deserve it. I will feel immensely sad for this particular dog as well as the many like her, and if I ever run into those owners(whether it be the owners that actually owned this dog, or the many more out there that simply are just as ignorant), I will do nothing more than do my best to kindly educate them. I only hope I am presented with this opportunity more often and do not fail.
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