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Old 06-23-2005, 04:35 AM
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Default HELP!!! Bloomin Jack Russel!

Hi All,

I donít really know go for assistance, so hope you folks can help. Our Neighbour has a Jack Russell, which is very boisterous. Since Mid Feb, when his partner left, he has had to leave the dog in the house whilst he goes to work, however the problem is that he leaves at 05:30 and about 10 mins after he leaves, he starts howling and barking until we leave for work at 08:00, so you can imagine we donít get much sleep.

Weíve spoken to him and heís so far been to see his local vet to see what he can do, to which the vet suggested to give him the snip, which should calm him down, but it hasnít done the trick.

Weíve since learnt that keeping him in somewhere secure would make him feel more secure, as I believe Jack Russellís need company all the time. Of late, he has been left in the kitchen with enough food and water and the means to relieve himself, should he need to and has been fine, but as the summer is coming, heís let him out into the rest of the house, as the heat is building up (windows are left open for him) he can find a cool spot there, which I appreciate.

I really donít know what we or he can do now, as itís becoming a real nightmare, so much so that my partner wants to move house.

Weíve heard of an electric collar which gives him a tiny shock when he barks, but Iím against that.

Is there anything you can suggest which could help us out here?

Thanks for your assistance.
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Old 06-23-2005, 05:08 AM
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We have a JRT, and she has never been like this, even before we had a 2nd dog... but all dogs are different! Lucy has a crate, where she spends most of her time when we are gone... and she loves her crate. We don't "lock" her in the crate, but have a 1/2 door closing off the room the crate is "in" so she has a play area about 6 x 10 feet with toys etc.

Would it be possible for him/her/them to get a 2nd dog "friend" for company for the JRT when they are gone?

There is a collar out that uses a citronella spray cartridge... and I don't know the brand(s) name, but it looks just like the shock collars, but uses a citronella cartridge instead, putting out a little "spray" either when they bark, or comes with a remote control that can be used to "spray" them when they are doing a behavior that you want to stop. I haven't used this myself, but there is a doxie at the off-leash dog park we go to that had been constantly eating dog poop for almost 3 years (and I do mean he was "obsessed" with this... to the point of spending every second he was at the park "looking" for a fresh pile to eat! ) and his owner got this collar, and had this behavior completely under control after only about a week. I was very impressed with how it worked on this obsessive dog... and with such an "innocent" little scent squirt!

Sure hope they can find a way to get the barking under control for you!
Karen, Lucy (JRT) & Holly (Rat Terrier)

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