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Old 06-14-2007, 10:07 PM
House Of Jurai
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Originally Posted by RD View Post
House of Jurai, how many Filas have you met? I don't know a single one that I would think of as "liability" any more than a shepherd, collie or Rottweiler. Filas are a unique breed, but they're still dogs. They have a strong work ethic and want to help their owners, but they aren't the exotic monsters people make them out to be.

I have border collies. They're tough sheepdogs. To anyone who doesn't have sheep, a border collie is probably going to be more of a pain than an asset. Is that accurate?

I have no sheep. Hell, I don't even have a farm - I have 5 acres in a suburban area. I can't imagine life without my border collies and they live fulfilling lives with me. Technically, I shouldn't have them because I don't have a *need* for them. God forbid that I like them and want to have them! And when I move to Mexico, I will have a Fila too, even though I might not have a ranch that needs guarding, or slaves that need catching (my slaves would never run away ).

I have a problem with people referring to a certain breed as a liability. It's not the breed. If someone can't control their dog, then their dog is a liability. A 150lb liability is obviously more significant than a 15lb one, but the breed doesn't have much to do with how dangerous the dog is. How the owner handles the dog has everything to do with it.

Sorry for the OT rant..
I have met quite a few. I was involved with many of the early breeders and I believe that I have more than my share of experiance with one. The differance between the Fila and other dogs is that a Fila WILL bite, and do real damage to a precieved threat. That means that you either have to be on top of the dog 24/7, or be willing to face a serious lawsuit in an urban enviorment. Filas react very quickly and they are faster, stronger and more agile than most of thier owners. They are also very vigilent and aware. It is easy for people to let thier guard down and with that breed you never can, ever. That is just a rough situation for the average dog owner. Other quick trigger breeds like the Komondorok & SRO also fall into this catagory. They are just 100% than what most have been accostomed too.

I believe it is best to rely on the typical, not count on the atypical. Most potentital owners have no business with a Fila.

Just like most hunters have no business with a howitzer.
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