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Old 06-09-2007, 12:06 PM
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A whole bunch of questiona and I will give you my OPINION on some of them.

Originally Posted by noludoru View Post
Okay.. I know we've had a zillion "Renee tell us about the Grrrls" threads, but I have some questions that I'm almost positive weren't asked. I can't remember them all... but I'll add as I go.

What do you think of breeders who sell every pup they have as breeding quality except the few marked as "pets" and why?


What about breeders who don't socialize their pups before they go home to new owners?

It depends on the age at which they are sold, anything older than 4 months should have been socialized to some degree IMO.

How was it bringing your fila puppies home? Did they hate you at first, or were they wary of you?

Mine were both 7 weeks old when we got them home and were reserved for a few days but ultimately babies and wanting hugs and love

Are all Filas as intelligent as Kharma and Shiva?

They are remarkably in tune to your emotions and can "read your mind". Mine are both true working stock and from a very young age have shown incredible hunting herding and guardian instincts while working together in a manner which is a delight to see.

Why is there such a HUGE variation type still, even though there appears to be many dogs considered breeding stock?

I've seen a Fila that honestly resembles a cow on one Fila breeder's website.. I believe it was Eshabeta. Why on earth did they breed her? I know temperament and ability come first in determining breed-worthiness, but she is rather extreme.

I think the two questions above can to some degree be answered together although I might upset some people although this is not intended just my opinion. I believe that much of the Fila that are bred today are bred to serve a market and therefore to make $$$. For many societies bigger is better and therefore many breeds of dogs are bred large at the detriment of the breeds ability to perform its original function.Much of the American breeding stock comes from MG in Brazil where the animal is known as a Cattle dog. It is still Fila but bred heavy to work cattle at the homestead. Other Fila that is used to hunt and work the expanses of the farms are not as heavy and are subsequently faster more agile and have far greater stamina. Traditionally, as was mentioned in another post, the Fila was bred for purpose and a good working dog was bred to produce more good working dogs when not being concerned in any way as to the animals resemblance of "type or standard" A good dog was a good dog. I believe I know the picture you are talking about. Is it the one where the dog is on leash with a lady standing in front of a vehicle? If so I agree with you - what kind of work could that animal possible do? None, it is just bigger and I guess supposedly beter. Here where fila are primarily working animals a dog that weighs more than 75 kg - 167 lb is considered undesirable due to concerns over stamina and speed while explaining that the animals here are of hunting stock and not of the cattle type. Ultimately I think Renee summed it up perfectly "If it walks like a Fila and thinks like a Fila and works like a Fila" then it is indeed a Fila.

How are your Filas with strangers petting them on neutral territory? Why? They are slightly more tolerant due to training but nobody can pet them at all other than their first familyHow do they react when people come onto your property? Once invited at the front gate and correctly introduced they will allow entry but will not take their eyes off of the guest. A guest may at no time make any move towards our daughter of any kind. A guest may at no time take anything from the property unless closely supervised by either myself or my wife.How about when you bring people into your home? Do you have to lock them up!? I will lock them up only when young children are visiting. With adults we allow them to be free but never alone with the guests. Generally we will be entertaining on the pation / verandah and any guest who needs to use the bath room will be followed while one of them will guard the entrance to the corridoor that leads to my daughters bedroom.

Fila mixes--I read in one article (only one, mind you.. couldn't much more info on it) that they are unstable. Fact or fiction? I'm inclined to say fiction, but I really have no grounds to judge upon.

I also have a Fila x Rottweiler mix that was bred for purpose. The purpose being that cultural beliefs here are that a black dog is the Devils dog and should not be crossed or approached in any way. Male fila x female Rotti will generally give all black pups and so we chose one such animal for security puposes in this very high crime risk country. My female is a very very stable animal and the most protective of my daughter, there are no surprises with this animal and is feared by far more people than the Filas. She is equally if not more ferocious than the Filas. Please remember that my dogs are pets but also critical to the security of my family and I am a very responsible owner and not a hooligan.

What do you think of breeding for Filas with less ojeriza?

Someone has already said it," if you can not handle a Fila do not buy a Fila"

Okay.. all for now. More when I remember. I apologize if I asked any dumb ones, I only got a few hours of sleep last night.
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