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Old 09-15-2004, 06:49 PM
wombatt wombatt is offline
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Default puppy eats rocks

I have a 5 month old part german shepard and lab that swallows rocks.Ive seen him throw them up in the house,and im worried he might get some stuck in him.I have to leave him outside for half the day while im gone and there are rocks everywhere.I thought about a muzzle ,the kind that lets him drink and pant,but it says not to leave on for no more than 20 min.Any ideas?
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Old 09-15-2004, 08:29 PM
Brattina88 Brattina88 is offline
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Your dog may be bored why you are away and plays/eats rocks to kill time. Try giving him a kong, or a puzzle ball, or other durable toys simalar to this that'll keep him occupied while you are away. An easy solution could be to leave the dog in the house while you're away, but I don't know your curcimstances, so I'll leave it at that.

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Old 09-15-2004, 08:43 PM
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Brattina's given you excellent advice.

This is really something that does need to stop; it could be very dangerous. He could choke, puncture his esophagus or intestines, or get an intestinal blockage.

I've always kept my German Shepherds in the house, especially when I'm gone, and never had any problems.
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Old 09-15-2004, 09:28 PM
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Brady used to try to eat rocks and Ijust had to leave him with something to chew outside. A kong is what I usually leave him still. He also chewed up the wood around my doorframe. they will pretty much chew anything if they are bored. Leave him lots of toys and other chewable items and maybe the rock chewing will stop.
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