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Old 06-05-2005, 12:12 AM
bridey_01 bridey_01 is offline
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Default Collie grooming

I'm getting a collie puppy soon and am prepared for the large amount of workk that such a dog's coat will entail. In all the books i've read breeders recommend hardly ever bathing them, and i would just like to know what everyone elses thoughts on collie grooming would be.
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Old 06-05-2005, 06:51 AM
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Hi Bridey

When we had our collie we lived on a farm and she would always find something to roll in and get dirty. I bathed her about once a month so she could come in the house and be with us and not in the barnyard all of the time.

Collies have what is called a double coat. They only blow the undercoat and the outer coat is permanent. The tools I used to keep Lacey (the collie) from creating fur tumbleweeds in the house between baths are:
a steel comb
a medium steel pin brush
an undercoat rake (not needed the first year for a pup)
a slicker brush
You do not need to trim their ears or feet and please never shave or cut off the outer coat it's their protection from the sun as well as keeping them cool in the summer.

Good luck with your pup hope to see pix when you get him.
Magic Bailey-Jane and Judy

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Old 06-05-2005, 10:02 PM
bridey_01 bridey_01 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: Australia
Posts: 760

Thanks heaps, i've got everything on the list but a slicker brush, so i'll get one soon. I'm hopefully getting my pup in about six weeks, i am importing him from Victoria (i live in queensland) he is a blue merle from a very reputable breeder, i can't wait! Do you train your collie? I'm an obedience instructor and can't wait to show off my gorgeous pup!
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Old 06-06-2005, 10:29 PM
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Collies are gorgeous creatures. Usually very sweet and gentle. As Magic said, DON'T cut the coat unless you are just trimming. No shaving. Please. Their coats are magnificent and I think I would just die if someone asked me to cut the coat.
My angel, my best friend, my Roxy Mae. There are no words to describe what you meant to me. RIP bebe.

"A righteous man has regard for the life of his beast." Proverbs 12:10
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