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Old 03-29-2007, 03:48 PM
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his love for these new doggies is great i think all breeds were started that way too the shihtzu at some point was thought as an apso so who careif we find good combos then go for it i have a papas tzu he has the most wonderful personality i could ask for but my pure breed shih tzu is a typical one who is totally different then pluto i would love papastzu to be a full breed one day i want a girl because i have fallen in love with my hybrid

The problem with breeding mixes is that there is no standard to breed to. people are breeding one purebred of one breed to the purebred of another (first generation breeding) and all the dogs could come out completely different. Most or all of the dogs we have today were once bred for a purpose, there is no longer a need to make more breeds. Some are looking for hypoallergenic dogs (labradoodles) now and there is a way to go about it responsibly by forming a standard and breeding 2nd and 3rd and so on generation dogs that conform to the standard (ONLY those who conform to the standard). I believe they are doing that is Australia. The dogs must also have the normal requirements like health tests and temperament tests. Most of the designer breeds were created for money. They started out as a need for hypoallergenic dogs (which even those bred for that purpose do not have a guarantee of bring) and when people saw how many people wanted these new "breeds" they decided to breed there two dogs together, give it a fancy name based on the two breeds in it, and sell it for lots of money. They are the same as any other mutt you'd find in the shelter, why buy a dog from a most likely irresponsible breeder when you could rescue the exact same mix from a shelter?
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