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Old 06-02-2005, 02:53 PM
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Default What was he thinking?

Well we have a friend who likes to take Princess for walks. Honestly I think he might be trying to impress a girl, but Princess doesnt care, she's enjoying it. So I took Gracie for a walk to my sisters house. We went inside and I decided to introduce Gracie to their boxer. My brother-in-law grabbed their dog and held on tight so I questioned him and reminded him that their dog was fine with Princess.

Well there is a dog that is allowed to run free often on the other side of the field. I dont trust this dog at all and it has made some of my walks with Princess a nightmare. This dog goes over to my sisters house and terrorizes their dog when he's outside. My brother-in-law said the night before their dog was outside with him and here comes that dog from acrossed the field to harrass his dog. He grabbed his dog by the collar to make sure it wouldnt run after it and would stay in their yard but then decided to let go and let his dog scare that dog off. Well it became a big dog fight! So now my brother-in-law doesnt know how their dog will act around other dogs. He was worried about Gracie getting to close. I really think he wasnt thinking of it leading to a fight, I think he was just so tired of it he thought his dog would scare that dog and run it off. He's never been one to have an aggressive dog. His dogs are always big babies! So I dont think he was thinking.

Now I'm thinking, this is great. It was bad enough being out with my dogs and having that dog stalk us, what will he be like now. I just wanted to shake my brother-in-law and ask him WHAT WAS YOU THINKING!
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Old 06-02-2005, 03:26 PM
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Next time you see that loose dog, you need to call animal control and have them come and pick it up! I don't know about how the laws where you live are, but around here, there is a LEASH LAW and dogs are not allowed to run free like that. Especially if it is aggressive and willing to fight Give animal control a call...seriously
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Old 06-02-2005, 04:53 PM
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We have that law to but, get this one. We live on the very edge of town. Right off our street is a dead end that leads to the dog pound and also the shooting range for the police dept. The dog catcher drives down our street 3xs a day. Well 3 years ago a stray ended up at the pound, on the outside. No one could catch it but the dog wouldnt leave. It finally became a joke and they all gave up. The dog catcher just feeds him and lets him live his life there, outside of the dogpound. When people see him they just laugh and say "crazy dog".
Anyway, to call the dog catcher you have to leave a message, at some point he will call back. By then the dog may be back home, inside. But honestly I have been considering calling him or walking down to the pound to talk to him and complain about that dog. Maybe he'd keep an eye on him.
Some of us try to keep our dogs in our yards, and keep them out of harms way. Princess gets loose once in awhile, but I dont just open my front door and say go play and let her go wherever she wants to. And I'd like to be able to walk my dogs without the fear of someone's dog stalking us or possibly picking a fight!
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Old 06-02-2005, 05:26 PM
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If the dog came into your brother-in-law's yard and started the fight he needs to file a report. That's a whole different set of problems for the owner compared to a "dog at large" complaint.
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