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Old 03-21-2007, 11:56 AM
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Default Beagle Standard...& Breeders

First, don't jump to conclusions... I'm not planning on getting another dog

but, Ug! There are a lot of beagle breeders, and I've been trying to screen through them... there's a lot of BYB's with "my huntin' dog and the neighbors huntin' dog" which I'm very much trying to avoid. My friend had a beagle years ago that was her heart dog, but as he got older he got severe allergies and knee problems. I know there's always a chance, but I'm trying to help out a little by finding a breeder that does health screens... 13" variety...
I contacted the National AKC Beagle Club for a breeder reference, looking for a good breeder. I got a very short list - I was disapointed.
This was the first suggestion

And the others e-mailed me pictures as well.
I'm kind of disapointed! I'm not really fond of the look of most of the studs! Then, maybe, I thought my idea of the ideal beagle is wrong, so I double checked the AKC Standard:

Ears set on moderately low, long, reaching when drawn out nearly, if not quite, to the end of the nose; fine in texture, fairly broad-with almost entire absence of erectile power-setting close to the head, with the forward edge slightly inturning to the cheek--rounded at tip. -- Some of the breeders dogs' ears looked "basset-y" to me
Muzzle of medium length-straight and square--cut--the stop moderately defined. -- meduim length... as in NOT short like a puggles, right??!
Defects--A very flat skull, narrow across the top; excess of dome, eyes small, sharp and terrierlike, or prominent and protruding; muzzle long, snipy or cut away decidedly below the eyes, or very short. Roman-nosed, or upturned, giving a dish-face expression. Ears short, set on high or with a tendency to rise above the point of origin. -- it doesn't really say anything about droopy eyes (unless I'm not reading it right?) but that's something that's frowned upon, right? I just don't ... like it... I guess
Neck and Throat--Neck rising free and light from the shoulders strong in substance yet not loaded, of medium length. The throat clean and free from folds of skin; a slight wrinkle below the angle of the jaw, however, may be allowable. Defects--A thick, short, cloddy neck carried on a line with the top of the shoulders. Throat showing dewlap and folds of skin to a degree termed "throatiness." **throatiness...
Shoulders and Chest
Defects--Straight, upright shoulders. Chest disproportionately wide or with lack of depth.
Back, Loin and Ribs
Defects--Very long or swayed or roached back. Flat, narrow loin. Flat ribs.
Forelegs and Feet
Defects--Out at elbows. Knees knuckled over forward, or bent backward. Forelegs crooked or Dachshundlike. Feet long, open or spreading.
Hips, Thighs, Hind Legs and Feet
Defects--Cowhocks, or straight hocks. Lack of muscle and propelling power. Open feet.
Defects--A long tail. Teapot curve or inclined forward from the root. Rat tail with absence of brush.
A close, hard, hound coat of medium length. Defects--A short, thin coat, or of a soft quality.
Any true hound color.
-- which is? So what about those "rare blues and reds"?
General Appearance
A miniature Foxhound, solid and big for his inches, with the wear-and-tear look of the hound that can last in the chase and follow his quarry to the death.

Does anyone know of any good breeders in my area?
Any thoughts? Comments? Translations of the breed standard for non-confirmation people like me? TIA!

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