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Old 03-16-2007, 02:20 PM
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Red face Socializing my parents three cats to my JRT

I need some tips here...
i often bring home Henry when i visit my family, my parents have three cats.

Henry grew up with cats/kittens and horses so he seems fine with them, but he is always looking for an opportunity to play with them.

My parents cats, although they have "met" (ie: henry in his crate, cats are allowed to walk by, sniff etc) henry multiple times...the second he is taken out of his crate and allowed free run of the house the cats attack him, often as a group...which to me is very scary to watch, and yet henry treats it as a game.
He'll rn around them, try to herd them (or it looks like it!) run full speed towards them and then dash off...the same behaviors he would do with his doggy friends...but with myparents grumpy old cats.
Personally, it gives me a headache. Latly ive been having my friend babysit hen when i go home, but then my parents ask wherehe is, they bought him new toys, they want to play with him, "oh courtnry the cats are FINE" etc (i told them im not having kids so i think they treat henry like a grandchild hehe).

What can i do? ideally id love for my cats to be able to tolerate henry, but i realize its their house, they are old and its alot to ask.

One of the cats, the oldest (and the meanist...he attacks people when they cry or scream...weird cat) plays with henry and chases him, but when the other two are arround its a whole other story.

Now, no blood has been shed, henry hasnt tried to bite the cats (as far as ive seen).

Any ideas?
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Old 03-17-2007, 10:26 AM
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Can you possibly just keep Henry in the room with you and block the cats out of that room. As you say, this is the cats' house and they probably just don't want visitors. I don't want to see Henry get hurt, even by accident.
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Old 03-18-2007, 10:15 AM
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my parwents house is truly one of a kind, i love it alot however its largest down fall is it is all that open concept, no doors. The only doors are on the bathrooms and bedrooms.
So unfortunatly i cannot just shut myself in a room with him, as much as i would like to!
What i usually do is just leave his small lesh on him and let him run wherever with it, and if somthing isd to happen i just pull him away with the end of the lesh, however id like an alternative and in a perfect world, they cats wouldgrow to love the henry.
Although i doubt that will happen
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