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Old 06-01-2005, 04:50 PM
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Makes it far too easy for the breed ban neo-fascists to incite fear.
Absolutely! And the next thing you know....they're blaming a dog who's being beaten and who bites to protect itself. And all because someone labels ALL biting as aggression. Or the dog to dog thing as a danger to humans when it's not the same thing. Actually, I'm sure that goes on already. And then there could be laws that say ANY dog who is aggressive will be pts without a fair trail. And so if the incident is described by the only word anyone uses...."aggressive," then the dog is doomed regardless of what was going on. What if it had it's leg in a trap and someone went to help it and it bit because it was terrified? There are so many reasons a dog might bite and most of them aren't their fault, if any.
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