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Old 02-05-2004, 08:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Renee750il
I think Brattina's got the right idea. I understand that you and Caspian are going to start some training for shows very soon. Maybe your instructor can give you some insight. I've heard it can be difficult to get a sight hound to return immediately, but if it were impossible, they couldn't have been successful hunting companions for thousands of years, could they? Caspian's young, so he may need more time to expend all that tremendous energy. Some people have laughed at something I tend to do with my animals (even cats) when they've seen me do it, then had to stop laughing when they've seen the results. Sometimes I just get eye to eye with them and explain what I want and why it is important. I don't get fancy, I use a low, calm voice and make them look at me. I don't know exactly why it works, but it does. I may have to repeat it periodically, but it's not a big trauma to do it. Every once in awhile I have to remind Bimmer that he must come immediately when I whistle; that I have a reason for calling him back even if he's off hunting. I know it saved his life one night when he was after three coyotes behind the house. It's worth a few tries. It can't hurt and it's free! Just be ready for some people to look at you like you should be locked up!

Ha! Renee, I swear you take ideas right out of my mouth -- like every topic I read I start at the top, and then get an idea/suggestion in my head to post so I'll scroll down a little further only to see that you already posted it! LoL! I did the exact same thing with my Maddie. I explained to her why she had to come back immediately when I called, because if I do its for a good reason! There was a huge stray shepherd/pit pull mix (i hate to say this bcz i hate when ppl discriminate against dog breeds i.e - Pit Bulls) that had killed a couple of dogs in our city ... One night - about 11pm I let Maddie out, she ran around a little and did her business and then started looking for rabbits to chase (its strange that we have wild rabbits downtown ) I was standing at the back door watching to see if there was any and suddenly I saw this dog - that's evaded dog catchers and the police and has been on the news - with his eyes glued on Maddie . I wanted to scream, but I calmly called "Maddie! Come!" and she spun around and came.

Here's a suggestion -- most people over use the word come and dogs learn to ignore it. Some people use different words like 'cookie', or a friend of mine says 'click' (i have no idea where that came from lol) so they don't over use it and the dog knows it means to come immeadiatly.
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