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Old 09-07-2004, 09:18 AM
thea526 thea526 is offline
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Angry Dog park rant! Agh!

Hey everyone,
I went to the park as normal yesterday, and Maggie was barking.(she's a barker) I was trying to do my best to control it, but this one women was like really loudly "GET YOUR DOG AWAY FROM MY DOG!!" She was acting like my dog was attacking her dog! Maggie wasn't doing anything. All she was doing was basically telling the dog she wanted to play. I was just like "Lady, my dog is not attacking your dog." Her dog was laying on the ground submissively. Maggie was just barking and wagging her tail. If she KNEW body language at all she would understand how stupid the whole thing was. Nonetheless it pissed me off that she didn't have a clue about dog posture, body language, etc. There were no teeth, hackles, etc.

Maggie really is a giant wimp. If another dog responds to her barking she runs off practically crying. She's never physically attacked any dog in her life. Sometimes she jumps on them, barks, and than runs away, but thats it.

Than this one poodle came into the park and Maggie had to go chase it and bark at her too. This prissy woman was pulling her dog away from my dog and I was trying to bring Maggie over to the other side of the park.

God, I really hope I never have to see those two stupid women again. They just had NO clue about dogs.

Maggie KNOWS most of the dogs that come to the park so she doesn't normally bark at them.

It isn't like I'm just standing there passively. I'm actually doing something about it. (which these two women wouldn't know) (and bringing a trainer to the park with me to figure out WHY she is barking)

I hope this doesn't ruin my park experience. Most of the people are very understanding and know that I am working on it with mags. I see these people and their dogs nearly everyday and Maggie is perfectly fine with them.

I'm going to do my best to avoid those two women. Ugh! Stupid stupid people!

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