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Old 02-10-2007, 10:25 PM
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Default Hi from Dobedon

This is my first dog forum. I've used car forums because I'm also a car buff. But, since having back surgery a couple of years ago, I've had some life changes--one of them losing my best friend of 12 years around the same time as my surgery--and now I'm more involved with my (new) dogs and hardly spend any time with my cars, it seems.

A little history: I currently have two Dobermans. Both are rescue dobies and I now dedicate most of my Saturdays to the rescue because I've learned that giving these unwanted dogs love is extremely rewarding.

My dobies aren't my first. Prior to these two, I had a German Shepherd. But, before him was my first Doberman and probably the best friend of all my best friends. (This isn't because my German Shepherd was less of a dog; in fact, he was tops. But this is because of how my first Doberman came into my life--which is too much to explain in a simple introduction post. )

I learned about dog training from books originally because I never had a dog until I got married; my mother hated them and I was taught to fear them--especially big ones. So, when I got married, naturally, we a German Shepherd. (Unfortunately, this was a puppy mill lesson and I ended up giving him away.)

So, after learning that lesson, I told my wife that I wanted a Doberman Pinscher and she quickly declared, "Over my dead body!" Then, after cleverly taking her to see puppies, we took Prince home. (And about a year later, I got stationed in Alaska and had to leave him with her. When I returned home, while driving from the terminal to the house and seeing his head on her shoulder, I had to ask: Whose dead body?)

Sadly, when he was ten, he succumbed to Wobblers Syndrome; so I spent several months trying to do the impossible--replace the best dog in the world! Now, not being used to locking my doors, and having since worked with military K-9s (I'm retired Air Force.), I decided that it was time to change breeds.

Jaws, my second shepherd, was special indeed. Not only did he have a police dog pedigree, but he grew up with my son and, with the help of the base kennel master, he was trained to military standards prior to my retiring.

But, at the age of 12, his hips got too bad and he told me it was time to go be with Prince. Like I said earlier (and obviously I forgot that I wasn't going to tell the whole story ), I was just getting over back surgery and couldn't face the thought of bending down to raise another puppy. Yet, my son was now wearing Jaws' collar around his neck and I kept thinking I was hearing my buddie coming down the hall.

Thus, the rescue entered my life.

I promise not to overwhelm you with TMI now--if I haven't already--but a few months after saying goodbye to Jaws, we got Daytona. A year after we got him, I called to thank the rescue and I learned that one of the rescue workers had recently past away; so I offered to come over and help whenever I could.

Now I go over there and fall in love with a new dog every weekend. Last October, I took another one home; her name is Mia. (I always had male dogs and always preferred black Dobies; she changed all that with her beautiful eyes that melted my heart.)

Okay, nuf, is enuf... I'm sorry. (I just realized that I need to update my hobby profile; I love to write--perhaps too much so.)

Anyway, that's pretty much my dog history. I love dogs and hope to someday find a way to make a living from working with them.

Oh! I almost forgot the real reason I joined. At the rescue, I've been working with one female Dobe--who seems to have a little Rottie in her, based on her face--who just won't stop jumping on people. It's so bad that, even though I've taught her lots of obedience, the rescue is having a hard time placing her; so she may have to be put down.

I'm hoping that I can get some tips on how to stop jumping. The rational old school ways don't seem to faze her (i.e., holding her paws, placing one knee up to block her, alpha blocking her with a hip, etc...). No matter what, when a visitor meets her, she just goes ballistic; she can jump straight in the air higher than my head--and she does!

Until her, I thought I was a pretty good dog trainer. I've caught military police dogs for God's sake... But she has me baffled. I'd love some tips from others if anyone has any.

Oh... Why did I pick this forum over the others? The Chazhound icon....
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