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Old 12-13-2003, 02:14 AM
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Default Doc and Nugget!

Doc (Great Dane: 120 pounds) and Nugget (Chihuahua: a couple of pounds!) were the most complex, funniest, and engaging pair of dogs I have ever owned. Doc was acquired as a puppy from a breeder, Nugget was also acquired from a breeder, but she was a "throw-a-way". My oldest brother brought him home one day, I didn't what it was, it looked like a rat - she was still a puppy and fit in the palm of his hand.
Doc grew up (WAY UP) and so did Nugget. The dogs got along great. I came home from high school one day, and almost fainted at the sight I saw when I walked through the gate into the back yard. Nugget's head was hanging out of Doc's mouth!! The life literally drained out of me, as I loved both dogs dearly, and I thought Doc had killed Nugget and was eating her as a snack. Well, I got mad at Doc and started towards him. I got closer to the dogs and it suddenly struck me that Nugget's tongue was moving up and down, as if she was panting. How, I thought, could she being doing that when she was dead? It never crossed my mind that there was absolutely nothing wrong with Nugget - I was certain she was dead and Doc had gone crazy. Doc saw me and started trotting towards me (much like a horse with a dog that size) - and NUGGET LIFTED UP HER HEAD AND LET OUT A YIP! She was happy as a bug in a rug! I could NOT believe my eyes, Doc was carting Nugget around like a Taxi cab giving someone a ride: and Nugget was loving it! It became a daily occurence, seeing Doc carrying around Nugget in his giant, Great Dane, mouth. It was comical and a riot to say the least.

Lots more stories, but this is another I just have to let out:
I was walking both of those dogs at the park one day. I always let Nugget off the leash, she was too small to bother anyone, what was she going to do, gnaw at someone's ankle? Doc, however, was ALWAYS on a leash, he did not like other dogs besides Nugget. Nugget went running off one day at the park, as was her custom. A few minutes later, she came running back with a very large German Shepherd chasing her. The shepherd, of course, was catching up with her very quickly and it was obvious he had mal intent towards Nugget. The shepherd was so fixated on Nugget, that he failed to see Doc. Nugget ran right under Doc's legs, the shepherd STILL didn't see Doc, he had Nugget on his mind as his next meal, at least that's the way the dog was acting. The Shepherd grabbed Nugget in his mouth, which is when Doc grabbed the shepherd by the neck and literally began "throwing" the dog back and forth in the air, side to side. Well, I wouldn't have this either, I love dogs, even dogs that are trying to hurt my dogs - they really don't know any better it's just in their blood I guess, so I grabbed Doc and forced him to let the shepherd go. That dog probably wished it would have never bothered with my little dog, I wondered who the dog belonged to, and thought again about letting the dog off the leash with that much trouble. Still, looking back, the shepherd was unharmed (at least, no blood or innards showing), Nugget was okay if not shocked, and it is a bit of a comical thought looking back when I saw the look on that shepherd's face when he realized there was a HORSE of a dog standing over the top of the chihuahua! Think of a person whose face turns white at the sight of something ghastly, that is what this dog did in dog terms! Funny? Well, not really, but something I will never forget in the annals of the history of dogs in our family.
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