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Old 02-06-2007, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by soft pawz View Post
there is no 100% security but 99.9%. outside my male is on a leash and i would never leave my dog in the yard without supervision and in that case,
sorry but i think i would realize if a dog would be ontop of mine or the other way round.
another thing is that males simply dont get pregnant. now dont call me ignorant. thats simply true. its the female that ends up with the puppys therfore its the owner of the bitch that needs to supervise. if you think thats to much work then dont get a female. it might not sound fair but who ends up with the puppys?
of course that doesnt mean that all male dogs should run at large or anything, no dogowner should let his dog run around free and without supervision.

while you think spaying is the quick fix for the stray puppy problem i simply call it animal cruelty.
then you might as well fix humans, after all there are more then enaugh orphans in this world......let alone the overpopulation of this world.
with humans nobody would think about it but everybody thinks doing it to dogs is ok......

god, you cant compare apples with pairs.........seriously

please tell me you are kidding.........i am a female and this has nothing to do with "male-pissing-contest-thinking". do you know how many problems a complete removal means for the person??? do you know how many medication you will have to take for the rest of your life, how many complications.....

that statement is rediculous, and i am tired of hearing it. you got a problem with your period, well guess what, some dont! and just trust me on this, you DONT wanna go through that surgery.

besides that i am convinced that spaying every single stray is not gonna help with the "abandoned puppy ending up in shelter and getting killed issue"

its the people who are the problem, not the dogs.
Very well said!! I was thinking the same thing...I am still young, but I would like to be able to keep my sexual organs for the rest of my life.. I hear about woman that have to get hysterectomies and they have a lot of problems afterward, not to mention the emotional problems they go through. I dont know if you wantch Sex and the when Samantha thought she was going through menapause and was devastated, she screamed halleluah when she got her period.

I totally agree with definately having a stray neutured because you have no idea what the family history is. I also am a little ticked off about some people's perception of breeders. I bet you that not every single one of you has bought a puppy from a 100% best in show why do a lot of you say that you should never Breed dogs that are not trophy award winners? If everyone did that then we wouldn't have many dogs available to us to buy....and the ones that we could find would be way out of most of our price range. I bought my puppy from GSD breeders that I found in the papers...according to some people, people that sell puppies after they are born, one's that don't already have owners before they are born, are backyard breeders. I will say it again, if we all breeders had to wait until they had potential buyers for all of the puppies born, then a lot of us common folks wouldnt be able to buy a dog. I looked them up in the paper and then went to their website and very much approved of the way they did things, good health records, DNA testing done on the stud, OFA certification..ect.. Even though I didn't buy my dog from top award winning guy is growing into a very beatiful dog with great conformations....and now I am interested in getting him involved in dog shows in the the future.

I would really like some input from others about what they think about my point. cuz you can't learn new things from things that are not said.

Thank you
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