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Old 02-03-2007, 12:31 AM
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I cringed at this, but she was handling him in the ring several of those days, had him under control at all times and Kohl absolutely loved her. So, I was a whimp about correcting her. We did have some work to do when we got home though, as he then started jumping clients that came to my door, first week home from show.
Yes, that would be hard to "correct" the person who is working with him. LOL. I am laughing because I can just see you when you got home. Yes, Dobes are not (IMO) good candidates for too much wildness in their play. They can really forget themselves sometimes because they're such natural goof balls. Give 'em an inch and they'll knock you down. Or leap up in their excitement and chomp off your arm. (had that done once when we got too crazy) So, I keep it down to a dull roar. LOL. Even with play with other dogs, it looks sometimes like Lyric could, at any second go from play to prey. I don't like it when he gets on that border line. Then it's time to change the subject and I tell him, " look like such a dignified gentleman. It's time you tone it down and act like one." LOL.

Doberluv, Kohl's now 64 lbs, just having turned 6 mos. of age Jan 18th!!
I can't believe it!!!! 64LBS already and 6 months already? Holy cow! Time flies. I wish you could post some pictures.

You's hard to think back to when Lyric was a baby now that he's 3.5 yrs old. It just doesn't seem like it's been that long. But I do remember not having much trouble from him with jumping or biting on me. It seems like within a couple of weeks, he wasn't doing that so much. He was doing other catastrophic things, just not biting and jumping. (or maybe I'm forgetting or just blocked it out of my mind.) LOL. I did give him a lot of exercise though, probably more than is advisable for his bones, but I had to or he'd destroy my house. Anyhow, his bones are fine.

Ya know... I believe I just repeated Doberluvs' post!!! Lol
No you didn't. You added some great points that I didn't think of.

Anyhow, Dobes are a wonderful breed, but not easy puppies. Can't wait for more pictures Maya. She's adorable. You too Otch. If you need help with posting them, let me know.
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