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Old 11-27-2006, 03:50 PM
princess_poppy princess_poppy is offline
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holy bum, it's so good, i wish i could draw like you,
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Old 12-01-2006, 06:55 PM
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Originally Posted by skyeboxer View Post
It is a beautiful drawing Snark, but it doesn't capture what you wanted to. It's immaterial as you've decided to move on rather than obsess about it but if you don't mind I'd like to stick in my tuppence worth because I think you are really looking for some input.

The girl's hand is stiff. In the photo she has a natural curve to her fingers.

Yes, to what was said about the neck and the expression in the eyes, but I also think that what has thrown the pic a little is the width between the eyes and the depth of shadow on the bridge of the nose.

Your art is always inspiring Snark and your worst pieces are things I could only aspire to in my wildest dreams. If I drew that baby, I'd be so proud it would be engraved on my headstone.

I agree! Good critique. As an art major, if I may, I wouldn't worry about being so definitive with the mane. The shading in the photo is not so obvious. Let the mane/neck blend more. Also, the eye in the photo is not as pronounced as you drew it. When I draw, like you, I get frustrated and work work work it, when in fact, I probably should've just stepped back, taken a break, held it upside down, and in every direction, and perhaps started a new, rather than trying to rework. I recently did a drawing of a friend's dog, and kept retrying to rework the original. After I started a new, my abilities were able to flow more easily. Your work is fabulous and ALWAYS a pleasure to view. I worked at an art gallery for 7 years, and viewing your work takes me back to those days! Keep up the good work=GREAT to see!
Be the change, you wish the world to see.
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Old 12-02-2006, 09:59 AM
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Thanks for all the critiques! I think I would have been better off to try the drawing in a different medium, maybe something looser like charcoal... I tend to get too detail-oriented with my pencil drawings.

I have a couple of pastel portraits I need to get done for Christmas, so I probably won't make a second attempt at this 'til after the holidays...

Thanks again, everyone, for all replies!
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Old 12-04-2006, 11:53 AM
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I think its great!!
Much better than I could ever do..
But I see a couple things that might make it better...
The horse in the real pic is looking at her
In the drawing its looking away..
The girls looks stiff and the bone on the wrist needs to show more IMO
Her fingers seem somewhat them out like in the real pic
Where the bridel drops in the real pic you can see the horses rump a little..
In the drawing you cant BUT below the gate you see that the horse looks "fat" put the rump where the blank space is under the bridle
Put some of the hair back on the side of the right eye like in the pic..
I mean this is just MO on what I would think would make the pic look better..
I think its great though!!
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Old 01-21-2007, 11:49 AM
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darn that is gorgeous! I don't see anything wrong (well, this is because I have no imagination) but.. that is great!

Thank you Christine!

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a child who never
grows old and who therefore is always available to love and be loved
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Old 01-24-2007, 09:42 AM
little liz little liz is offline
little liz
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My first impression is "Beautiful pencil work!" On close scrutiny I would say, yes the neck appears too broad and the ladies arm looks a bit awkward somehow. Now after looking at the photgraph... I think perhaps a little more (not much) darker modeling on the horses nose and well the ladies arm IS at a funny angle so perhaps you have got it pretty much right LOL. A tad more modeling on her hand perhaps. You certainly do not need to be ashamed of this drawing it is wonderful ^__^

For pet portraits get in touch here
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Old 02-01-2007, 03:30 AM
Kathryn002 Kathryn002 is offline
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Well, I'm not an arty person, but to me it's beautiful.
You obviously have real talent and brilliant shading, even if you didn't get the exact effect you wished for.
I think it was great! lol

Thank you erykah

A dog will come soon!
If anyone has any suggestions PLEASE pm me. Thanks!
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Old 02-01-2007, 12:05 PM
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WOW thats really GOOD i wish i was that skilled....

Thanks Brattina88
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