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Old 09-05-2004, 12:11 AM
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Question What the heck kinda dog do I have?

New user here. Hi.

We adopted a sweet little mixed breed today and I'm kind of curious what you folks think she might "be". She looks like your average "bandana wearing frisbee dog" type of dog, but I'm not sure.

The interesting side story is this: We went to an AKC show today to watch our neighbors show their dogs (A Lab and a West Highland) in Obedience and Agility. I'd never been to a show like that before so it was cool and the people there were nice and informative, as we have ben looking to add a dog to the household for some time now. We have a 3 YO boy and 3 cats, so I wanted a medium sized "regular dog" that would mesh nicely with the family and the available land we have. (about 2 acres). I wasn't interested in a pure bred, just a nice dog.

Anyway, we get there and obviously there were tons of beautiful dogs, but naturally they were all pure breds. I noticed a lady walking by with a dog on a leash and asked what breed she was. "I wish I new. I just brought her along to find her a home." The lady was there showing her Shibas and Akitas. Turns out that a friend of hers involved in Shiba rescue had heard third hand about a "Shiba mix" at a pound, so the lady I met agreed to foster her, sight unseen. Well she ends up getting this dog and it looks NOTHING like a Shiba! Regardless, she's a sweet medium sized dog about 10 mos. old that looks (to my untrained eye) like a Rotty/Boarder Collie mix. She's BC size, but with very distinct Rotty markings. She's very even tempered, considering she came home and met 3 cats! She leashes well for an untrained dog (I used to have a trained Rott), and has learned my basic "sit, stay, shake" within a half hour. Just for kicks I walked her over to my neighbors pond to see if she liked water. I picked up a stick and threw it in and she dove right of the bank, swam out, grabbed it and brought it back! Sweet! If I was single this dog would be such the chick magnet!

I'm just curious if one of you more experienced dog folks have an opinion on what breed(s) my new friend might be? It doesn't really matter, but for curiosity's sake and all that.

Here's Josie the Wonderdog:



P.S. the pic doesn't have any scale reference. She's about 30" long (tail not included) and probably weighs about 25-30 lbs.
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