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Old 09-03-2004, 09:30 PM
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Default Staffordshire Bull Terrier ~ HELP!

Hi Guy's my name is Tony and I'm from the UK and hey here is a new slant ~
So ok well I know what you are thinking ~ what on earth are you doin in here, well it is a long story;
I'll start at the beginning, I have always owned German Shepherds ~ you know 'proper dogs' bet that gets a few hackles up, only jokin.
We moved recently into a smaller house and guess what we have next door ~ 'The Neighbours From Hell' ~ loads of those pesky things over here in the UK, we breed our own.
Anyway we were thinkin' bout gettin' another dog but her indoors has laid the law down ~ no more BIG hairy dogs, no matter how much pleadin' I try, so I have just about persuared her into gettin' a Staffy ~ as we call them in the UK, but I do not know anything about them, this is where you guy's can help!
Back to the neighbours, never in my life have I known of such selfish, self centred, inconsiderate morons. Their dog barks incessantly, the kids howl continously and the parents 'well the parents', enough said. The kids balls are continuously over the fence, followed by the kids, six or seven times a day, sick and tired of plants gettin' broken my knuckles are gettin' sore knocking on the window and as I said to the missus if we still had the dog, {she was called 'Tia' obviously a lady dog {tried to post bit*h}, but it was rejected, no swearin' in here, forgot, and what a dream, she was absolutely gorgeous, but sadly she passed away, old age} we would not be having this trouble {her prescence would have seen to that} she was really good at barking charging over to intruders in a really menacing manner and then, well ................she licked them to death, but I do not think the little brats of neighbours would have even got close enough for her to do that were she still here.I know you guys must be thinkin' this is gettin' a bit long winded but bear with me...............
What I need is a dog that looks menacing ............. has a bit of a reputation .................... enough to keep neighbours and their pesky kids on their own side of the fence, and be excellent at puncturin' balls on command.............but at heart is as soft as putty, must be able to be trained to be 1001% obedient, biddable, excellent guard dog as we live in the English countryside in the middle of no-where, bliss, {or at least it would be if I could get rid of the neighbours} and 2001% safe with the other half ~ the wife that is and we are surrounded by stock ie; sheep, cattle and horses, so it must be 3001% safe with them or at least easily trained to be safe in their prescence. I have heard that Staffys can be a bit of a rebel!
So you guy's out there in Cyberworld ................
I would be extremely gratefull for any assistance or advice with this dilema ......... I could have opened a bag of worms here, I realise that.
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