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Old 05-19-2005, 12:39 PM
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Default Chow grooming questions

Just want to make sure I get this stuff right and I'm not doing something wrong here.

I have my now 10 wk old rough coat Chow puppy, I've had her for a week. I have been putting her on the padio table once a day to brush her for a few mins. I dont spend alot of time combing and brushing, mainly I just want her to get used to the feeling and keep the tangles down. My neighbor use to groom her own show dogs (huskies) and said she thinks it's good to brush her daily, its good for her coat. She also gave me her old grooming post last night so I can get Gracie use to that also. Do you agree with her that it's ok to brush her daily and it wont be to harsh on the skin?

I seen a groomer comb the hair down from the head to the bottom, my husband said do that first then brush the fur up. So that's what I do, I comb down to get any tangles out then I brush up (I have a slicker and another brush, forget what it's called). But I get lost with the legs. I also understand the slicker but not sure what the other brush is about, its stiff, I suppose it's more for when the fur is longer and bushier to get thru to the undercoat. What direction do I brush the legs? Do I brush up towards the back or brush towards the direction the head points?

Then for her baths. I gave her a bath when we brought her home last week. Well it has rained and the pathway from our back door to the backyard turns to mud after a rain. Which means the dogs cant get to the yard without getting muddy. Gracie is a light cinnamon color (her parents were cream and cinnamon), so she is going to get dirty looking easy. I figure I can rinse her off inbetween baths when she's looking real dirty, but how often do you think it'd be ok to give her an actual bath?

I think thats it with my grooming questions right now.
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