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Old 01-12-2007, 06:36 AM
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Originally Posted by StillandSilent View Post
Bring some earplugs. We moved a cat 800 miles and she screamed the entire way. It got so loud that my father was threatening to put her in the bed of the truck. (Of course he would never actually do that but darn! she was loud). She was inside a crate but thankfully did not leave us any gifts. Our new cat on the other hand, pees in his crate in the 10 minuets it takes to get to the vet.
Our Siamese used to do that on every car trip (Dad couldn't say anything because he was the one who insisted on getting a Siamese in the first place). Ming had a very deep penetrating voice (we could hear him inside the house when we were outside in the back of the yard) so you can imagine what it was like inside a car. We couldn't board him because not even the vet would take him (he yowled nonstop there, too).

karabee331: Don't let us scare you with our 'horror' stories. If the kitty hasn't objected strenuously on the few car rides she's been on, she'll probably be okay for this longer trip. Will she tolerate a collar? You can pick up temporary tags (they're plastic containers with a place to write info) and put her name and your (or your boyfriend's) cell phone number on it for travel purposes. (We do that with the dogs when we go on vacation - listing the address where we're staying, dates we'll be there & cell phone number.)
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