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Old 05-18-2005, 12:44 AM
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I babysat my grandkids tonight, my grand-daughter who is a year and a half will flop on Princess, tackle her to give her tight hard hugs, ect. Well she wants to hug Gracie who is only 9 wks old real hard. We have only had Gracie a few days so she is not at all use to this and I am seeing that Gracie gets alittle cranky when she's very tired and in need of a nap. She got alittle testy with Ashlyn. She didnt bite or anything but she did let it known that she had enough. Then Gracie went to her bed and took a nap! We have to work hard on Grace but like Shadowolf said, socialize the pup and get it use to kids.
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Old 05-18-2005, 01:12 AM
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it is possible to seperate too until the child is past the age of being able to hurt the pet..and the pet hurt the mom ran a daycare most of my growing up days..she kept infant to 5 yrs..6 at first and 10 later on..some were special needs children as well..we always had dogs there and no one was ever bitten..the dogs knew to keep a low profile while the toddlers were about..and had their own space they could retreat too if they wanted.

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Old 05-18-2005, 10:10 AM
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I agree with everything that has been stated. Thanks for all the input. My pugs by nature love children and babies almost too much They lick faces and adored my nephews from newborn all the way up to their toddler years. That is just built into pugs, they are the most tolerant non-aggressive breed I have ever been around and that is why I love them. If a pug bites a child, then it's the parents fault for not protecting their pooch better. Our wolfhound/mastiff pup is still young and he is a mix of two breeds that are very good with children. I met both his parents and their temperments were incredible. I have already started socializing him around kids and will continue to do so, he seems to really enojoy their company so far Thanks again for all the encouragement. I never doubted that I could do it with one dog, that would be simple, but I have 4 dogs and they all are indoors all the time and family members and it will remain that way even if our family expands in the future
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