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Old 05-17-2005, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Fran27
Bogolove, that is totally untrue (the allergy part). People can get accustomed to their pets, but they will still be allergic to others. I've had severe pet allergies all my life even if I have always lived with cats. It just wasn't too bad with mine except when I left for a couple weeks or more, then it was hell when I came back. If I visited people who had cats, it was bad as well. I went through 7 years of shots to get rid of it, it never worked. I still have pets though, and I do get used to mine, but other people's pets still make me sick.
Well, you are the first person I have ever heard of that happening to, I have never personally known anyone who has had pets when they were younger that developed an allergy. Plus, I have read articles about it, so please don't jump down my throat when you want to disagree with my opinion. Just state your facts and I promise to read your opinions, be an adult, and not jump down your throat. I didn't mean anything personally about it, I had just read it before in articles and never knew anyone that has developed a pet allergy after having them. I know plenty of people that have never had them, and are severely allergic to them. So, if everyone I know backs up my theory, I wouldn't know any different, would I?

But I appreciate another opinion on it, so don't get me wrong here.
"You may have a dog that won't sit up, roll over or even cook breakfast, not because she's too stupid to learn how but because she's too smart to bother." - Rick Horowitz
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