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Old 08-29-2004, 06:46 PM
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I sort of have that problem with my Golden Retriever. I socialized him ever since he was young but he is still cautious around strangers...sometimes. Other times he's very out going and loves being around strangers. Is my dog a skitzo?

My dog is also very scared around other dogs. The only dogs around here seem to be aggressive so he's never been REALLY socialized around other dogs. He gets along with my miniature dachshund well but I also want to be able to take him to a dog park and have him not shy away from the other dogs.

He is about 1 year old now.I just found a dog park around here and I want to take him there. Is it too late to socialize him around other dogs?

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Old 08-29-2004, 08:29 PM
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Uh, Shredhead, you haven't seen Schizophrenia until you've met my dog.

But it's never too late to socialize him around other dogs... As long as he's just wary and not aggressive, just get him used to strange dogs walking by him.. You don't have to let him meet them, he just has to be calm and confident when they aren't near him.

Be careful in dog parks, keep your dog ON LEASH.. That'll assure that you'll have fewer negative experiences, and you can control him if another dog approaches him. I see some dogs in dog parks that are terrified and being followed by a crowd of dogs, unti lthey get backed into a corner and turn defensive... not too fun..
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Old 08-29-2004, 09:38 PM
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Default Seek a Behaviorist

It's a nice idea, come here and get your questions answered but for serious behavior issues like this you need the professional, face-to-face guidance of a behaviorist in your area. Contact your vet to find the best behaviorist for your dogs. If you have limited resources then tell this to the behaviorist, they will give you a quick lesson on skills to work with and try to work around your budget.

It is very difficult to give advice over the web as we have no idea how your dogs are behaving, the triggers, or their health. Look up those web sites another poster provided to see what you can do.

That said, the problems you've listed seem like a dog just hitting the teenage years. Work on socializing more.

Chessies are more aloof than other breeds. They are not happy go-lucky labs! If your dog is simply not greeting people with tail wagging then you may not have much of a problem. They also tend towards dog aggression and have a lower pain tolerance. Perhaps their is a medical condition causing these reactions? If their are dog shows or Chessie breeders in your area then consider visiting without your dog to ask for more info on the breed.

Dog Parks... These are scary places for most dogs especially in crowded areas. Instead of throwing your dog in with a large crowd you should always make this a gradual process. For the first few weeks you should have the dog leashed and make the visits short and fun for your dog. Try going during less crowded times and planning play times with a group of dogs your dog is particularly fond of. Never throw a nervous dog in with a group, dogs have two reflexes: fight and flight. Most want to get away but if they can't then they will fight back. You may find someone with a similar minded dog who would be happy to arrange play dates with you.
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Old 08-29-2004, 11:18 PM
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Sadarra, nice observation about the teenage phase. My Kharma is officially a teenager right now. I went through it with Buffy and with Shiva. I never had a problem with my male dogs. They're just like human males - much more linear and easy to figure out. (rofl) Sorry guys, but it's true! You aren't nearly as much trouble as we are!

Kharma wants to be an independent little Brat Princess at times, even to the point of open defiance. I'll call her and she'll stop, look at me and then continue on her merry way. Shiva or Bimmer will go get her and give her what-for. She comes in, head held high and full of herself, though . . . until she gets banished to the laundry room for awhile to think about her transgressions, and maybe miss doing something she really likes to do. Just like a human teenager, Kharma hates being grounded. It also worked on Buffy and Shiva, although Shiva was a walk in the park compared to the other two.

Hope that gives a little encouragement and maybe some constructive ideas on coping with that stage of development. Isn't it great that it only lasts for a few weeks, as opposed to a few years with kids?
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