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Old 05-10-2005, 04:51 PM
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Default The dog my parents said no to

When I was about 11-12 I was just getting into my rebeliouse stage learning i did'nt fit in with other kids I had ALWAYS been an outsider as had been my bestfriend Sarah. I wasent too bad at this point 14 was when I went to the halphway house for a month. Anyways one day after my dog chores in the summer instead of staying after and doing "house work" I snuck off on foot wanting to visit my friend Sarah who lived in the city. Now it wasent too big of a walk but it was unheard of of a 11-12 (i think I was 12) taking off with out saying anything. This wasent the first time i had done so so im sure it wasent too bad.

Anyways I was staying off the roads for safety reasons and so I was walking through yard, pastures, and bits of woods. Almost to Sarahs house I noticed something white-ish laying on the ground in front of me. When I got closer i could tell it was a Dalmation mix of some kind the size and coloration of a dalmation but with long floppy ears but a dalmations face he was funny looking. He had a badly broken leg and was whining at me with pleading eyes. I ran to Sarah's and she and I talked one of her brothers into driving the dog back to my house. I knew I was already in deep for sneaking off but maybe because of a dog my parents would forgive and forget.

We pulled in and my dad had his rage face on and my mum just looked worried. After some screaming at me for being so stupid and running off I got to speak and just said there was a dog with a broken leg and could we help him? My parents agreed to have a look at him. Right away my dad wasent all for it it wasent a husky and so to him it was worthless. My mum on the other hand was more compassionete and said we could take care of him until he got better my dad then cut in with then he's out of here...... So with that we moved the dog soon to be named Singer from my Sarah's brothers truck to the backseat of my parents car. I was not aloud to go to the vets office as punnishment for running off and had to stay home and do the "house work" I missed out on.

Singer ended up being more beat up then he looked he broke his right hind leg pretty badly broke 4 ribs, and a fractured him he also had some scrapes and such he was definatly hit by a car. The good thing was that he could stay with us until he was all better . I truly thought he would live with us forever.......

Singer was bannished to the basement by the heating tank on a pile of old blankets and quilts (my dad really did'nt like him). I once asked when Singer could come upstairs and my dad told me when he could climb the stairs would be when he would be well enough to go. We named him Singer because when he barked he had that usual dalmation kind of high pitched bark and he howled quite alot the hound in him my dad would say rolling his eyes. My mum and I doted on him my dad, sister, and brother all did not feel for the long eared dalmation mix.

Turned out when Singer was well enough to climb the stairs it did'nt mean he was well enough for a new home. He still had a bad limp and was fairly weak. I offered to walk him more often other then we he needed to go out but my dad said there was no need in getting attached he already had a home all lined up. The summer passed beautifuly with Singer and the Huskies to keep me company and out of trouble. By september Singer was almost fully healed and was now spending more of his days roaming the property losing his limp more and more. He wasent aloud to wait with me at the bus stop because once he tried to follow the bus and I did'nt want him hurt again. So mum would have to hold him back in the kitchen to his displeasure. But he always there after school waiting for me at the drive when the bus would pull up you could see Singer laying at the end of it sprawled out snoozing and then when he heard the air breaks of the bus he would pop right up wagging his tail and entire body with it.

He was the only other non sleddog on the place other then Hope and I loved him. By November he was pretty much healed he manuvered his around the ranch like he owned the place and was evening running. Finally one day i came home from school and there was no Singer in the drive waiting for me.... Fear struck me and I ran into the house crying my mum simply replied with "you know it would'nt last Scarlette after all we never said YES" it was true. But it still hurts and hurts to this day when i think about that dog I found early july all those years ago. I was never allowed to know where Singer went or how he life turned out after us and I don't think I want to know.

All I do know is he had a major impact on my life he taught me that non-working dogs on a farm can work out too if not I may not have Zeus, Tundra, or Babe. After losing Singer i also went deeper into my depression the only time I was happy was when I was around the sibes and that was limited. So many factors come into what Singer meant to me. I will never forget him.

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