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Old 05-05-2005, 01:29 PM
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Default More Greyhounds

A friend sent this to me and I thought it was well worth passing on:

500 Dogs to Die!!!!

Reply to: see below
Date: 2005-05-03, 1:42AM EDT

500 Dogs to Die! (posted 5/1/05)

The greyhound track in Plainfield, CTvoted on April 26th that they would discontinue greyhound racing. Unfortunately - and heartbreakingly - they've also decided that rescuers have only two weeks to get the dogs out, and any dogs remaining at the track on May 14th will be euthanized. This is a monumental task because there are at least 500 dogs currently at the track. These are all young, healthy dogs, 2-4 years of age, who would make great family pets.

Why is the track doing this? Greyhound racing is a business and because the track is no longer profitable, they're getting out. To us, dogs are cherished companions. To the greyhound racing industry, dogs are expendable commodities to be disposed of in whatever way is least expensive and most convenient when they aren't making money.

We've committed to saving as many dogs as we possibly can in the next two weeks. We'll be working with an experienced greyhound rescuer who has been placing retired greyhounds for many years. She will be going to the track and bringing us dogs. As soon as we have more room, we'll do it again. We will repeat as many times as we can before May 14th. After May 14th, there will be no dogs left alive at the track.

In order to save as many dogs as we can, we are going to try something we've never done before; sending as many as possible out into foster care by May 14th. Every time we send a dog into an adoptive home or a foster home, we can take another dog off the track. We will take the fostered dogs back into the Dakin Animal Shelter for adoption over the next few months as spaces open up for them - as long as they're off the track by May 14th, they'll be safe.

How can you help?

* Adopt a greyhound They're wonderful dogs - gentle, quiet, sweet, and graceful. The ones we'll be getting will be good companions with other dogs and with cats. Surprisingly, they're couch potatoes. They do need to be in a fenced area or leash walked; they aren't dogs to let run loose. For information on what it's like to take a greyhound home, visit To find out what greys we have available for adoption, call us at 413-548-9898 or visit our dog adoption page.
* Foster a greyhound If we can send greys into foster care and out of our Shelter, we can pull more from the track before May 14. We'll get them back into the Shelter over the next few months. We will provide all their medical care and a crate to make their transition easier. You provide your time &love and together we will give them a new life! For information on what it's like to take a greyhound home, visit If you can help, or are interested in more information, contact us at 413-548-9898.
* Donate money. We are going to need extra funds to help these dogs. We'll be buying crates and other supplies as well as paying all their medical bills. You can send a check to: Dakin Animal Shelter, 163 Montague Road, Leverett MA 01054, or donate online. Please mark your donation "Save the Greys".
* Donate a large dog crate. We need these to send with the dogs going into foster care.
* Spread the word! The more people who know about this tragedy, the more help the dogs will get.

Many of you have seen greyhounds in the community - they're lovely, gentle dogs. When we started working with greyhounds, we discovered that there are a lot of misconceptions about them.

* Greys are not hyper - they're actually couch potatoes!
* They love to run - for about 5 minutes - in a safe, fenced area.
* Greys spend most of their day snoozing and adore soft sleeping places and all the comforts in life.
* They are actually very good dogs for apartments or small homes because of their low activity level.
* They are very clean dogs, and in some ways are very catlike in their cleanliness and love of comfort.
* Most greyhounds - including all the ones we'll be getting - can live with other dogs and cats, once they've been introduced, and actually love living with other animals.
* They rarely bark and shed little.
* In their life on the track, they live in crates for 22 hours per day, so most things in the 'real world' are a surprise to them.
* They've never seen simple things such as: slippery floors (wood, tile); stairs; television; windows; cats; dogs who are not greyhounds!
* They generally housebreak very easily because they're completely crate trained (they aren't housebroken because they've never been in a house, so they have to learn what a house is!).
* They walk very, very politely on leash - they learn that at the track.
* Greyhounds are very good companions for homes with gentle children because of their own gentle nature.

This is a tragedy of enormous proportions, and we've decided to throw everything we've got into doing as much as we can. It's easy to get overwhelmed thinking about the scope of the problem - and do nothing. If we instead work together as a community, we CAN make a difference. The Dakin Animal Shelter has always relied upon our community for our support, and we're counting on you now. With your help, we WILL make a difference.

Please pass this on an get the word out. Thanks.
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Old 05-05-2005, 01:37 PM
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more work for me now lol they are going to send them all down here thanks fo rthe warning lol it really sucks when they close a track tho because there are so many dogs there and not a big enough demand for greyhounds. and they are such great dogs one of the ppl we work with owns 6 and she hardly notices she has that many cuz they arent high mainttence at all
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Old 05-06-2005, 09:03 AM
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Renee, thanks for posting. I was at jury duty yesterday so I didn't have a chance to get on the computer and post this. Our Governor is trying to do whatever she can to prevent any of them from being destroyed because of the track closing. I really do hope enough people get out there and help these dogs.
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Old 05-06-2005, 09:45 AM
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i would love to foster one, where is the track, i cant anyway, and its so sad that so many die, even if these dogs are all saved, what happens next time?

you never actually think about it but they are looked at as "bad" dogs to like rotties and dobes, what a sad sad world we ive in

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