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Old 11-10-2006, 01:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Buddy'sParents View Post
Since my heart has since gone back to normal... apology accepted.

I certainly hope it was a one time thing..bad boy for poopinig in the house.. but keep an eye on him. He might be rebelling! Don't give him too much power! ;

(hey was Sargent (sp?) ever found?)
lol he still has to do all his commands like always, he doesn't get away with stuff from me! Now my roomates on the other hand let him get away with a few things (small things though) even though I try to get them to not let him get away with it! Such as not sitting or doing something and waiting before going out the door.

No, unfortunetly Sargent has not been found I brought the subject up to my roomate that chances are we wouldn't find him and she just totally brushed it off and said of course we would eventually....and that if we didn't it was only because someone was keeping him safe and warm in their loving house...........I felt so horrible! She is totally denying the fact that he could be hurt or dead, but I'm not going to burst her bubble. Better she think he's safe then hurt I guess.

Originally Posted by Kase View Post
I ditto BP!! BB you scared the hell out of me!!!

I'm sorry Lucas did that, accidents happen and I'm sure he's fine. Let us know how the T4 test goes.
sorry I will tell you, I'm getting the T4 next week.

Originally Posted by Fran27 View Post
You scared me too! Bad girl!

But I'm with Grammy, it happens, sometimes you just can't hold it you know (coming from someone who cleaned three mountains of poop in the kitchen this week end...).
Again, sorry. The thing is he was let out each time my roomates where there...that's only 2 hours at most to hold it after being out for an hour!

Originally Posted by squirtsmom View Post
If Squirt doesn't go out regularly. she has accidents. I cn tell when I walk in with the kids because she isn't all excited and happy to see us.
He did go out regularly, when my roomates got home they let him out.

Originally Posted by Momof2Pups View Post
Gah, you nearly gave me a heart attack!
I think all is well, but let us know about the test!
Sorry, yet again lol
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