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Old 11-08-2006, 10:22 AM
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Default Found puppy

Hello everyone, my name is Rachel. I'm new to this forum, and my puppy is very new to me, so I thought I'd ask for some advice.

I found a puppy alone in a restaurant parking lot on Sunday afternoon. She had no ID tags...she was simply curled up in a ball on the asphalt. So I took her to Petsmart' vet hosp., which conveniently began opening on Sundays the very day I found her. They estimate her age to be 5.5-6 weeks, and she's a brindle with a very boxy head, so they believe she's a boxer or a pit mix. She has no major health problems; she is wormy, but being treated with 3-day Panacur.

I have another dog (mixed breed) who is approx. 10 mos. and 30-35 lbs, and he appears to have stopped growing for the most part. He is very tolerant of Daisy; in fact, she is very vocal and assertive with him, at an astounding 4.3 lbs! So we've come to my first question: She most certainly does not respond to discipline, and I did not expect her to. Being a possible pit mix, I definitely want to teach her to coexist with my other dog, under close supervision as she grows, of course. Do I redirect her when she barks and growls at the older puppy? He takes her vocalization as signs of play, but little miss Daisy sounds as serious as possible considering she's an infant. Any opinions/advice you guys could offer on this subject would be great!

I read a little bit online about pit bulls and their different training/socialization/supervision needs, as they were originally bred to fight other dogs, according to my reading. I have had numerous dogs, and successfully trained them in the basics (sit, down, stay, leave it, etc.), so I feel comfortable taking on Daisy's obedience training. The plan is to enroll her in classes very shortly after the new year. Is there anything I could be doing with her in the next couple of weeks that would benefit her training-wise, or is she simply too young at 6-8 weeks of age to comprehend commands?

And my final question--God bless those who've made it this far into my post!--Daisy cries on and off from 2:30AM until 6:45AM(when I get up to feed). I feel I am establishing a good routine with her--consistent potty times, feeding times, and no water after 7-8pm. I fully expect her to cry, because she's awfully young and alone. Do I take her out for bathroom every time she carries on at night? Are there times I should ignore her? She has not had accidents in her crate, and do not want to cause her to have no option but to do so, but I also do not want to teach her that screaming as if she's being slaughtered will get her out of her crate. Her crate is the appropriate size, well bedded, and she sleeps in her crate beside my other dog, in his crate, in my bedroom.

Any general advice you can offer on the subject of raising such a young puppy properly, and any breed-specific advice you may have will be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you for taking the time to read my ~very~ verbose post.

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Old 11-08-2006, 11:36 AM
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Your verbose post (lol) doesn't hold a candle to some of mine in length so get that out of your mind. LOL. Bless you for saving this poor little pup. What a lucky dog she is! It sounds like you're doing everything just right. I would agree that you don't want to respond everytime she carries on. It is a hard call sometimes when we think they might have to go to the bathroom and whether to ignore or let the pup out of the crate. I would say to make sure she's just gone to the bathroom recently, is comfortable in every way and then if she screams, ignore it. If you feel you must let her out, wait for a lull in the screaming...even a few seconds. If there is no lull, what I've found to work is to make an unusual noise which is sort of quiet. Often the pup will stop screaming to listen to that noise. That's when you open the crate door. It will just take time for her to adjust.

You can start teaching her some basics like sit, come, to walk alongside you. Use positive methods, tiny treats or a favorite toy for wanted behavior. For the growling at the other dog, I wouldn't punish that but would redirect her to some other activity. You're right to be concernd about supervision of the two dogs together especially if she has Pit in her. They really have to be supervised.

There are some good books out there. You can do a search of these forums too for helpful ideas.

How To Raise a Puppy You Can Live With is one I've heard great things about. She is very young and so until she has been taught things, she is not going to understand commands. But you can teach her to associate English words with behaviors. For example, you can lure her into a sit with a little treat held above her head and push back a tad. As she follows your hand, she'll just plop into a sit. Then give the treat. Gradually lengthen the duration that she needs to keep sitting before she gets the treat, but very gradually. Then when she is following your hand signal/treat regularily, easily with no apparent confusion, start adding your cue word, "sit." Then fade the treat out of your signalling hand and give it from the other hand. Then when she's very reliable, start giving a treat randomly, not every single time. There are all kinds of tricks for training that you can research to make this easier. She needs very, very short training "sessions" and even better is to show her a thing or two, here and there throughout the day. They have incredibly short attention spans.

Here's a great site:

Good luck and kudos for rescuing her!
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Old 11-08-2006, 11:43 AM
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Okay, first of all, I also have a boxer/ pitbull mix. Go to and get some in formation about the ABPT. They will tell you though that since she is a mix, there is less chance that you will have those types of problems. Also as a warning, they can be pretty rude because they will consider your dog a cur, and that it should not exist. I love my dog, and was offended by their r emarks. My dog can be rowdy, but all in all is a great dog. Just takes lots of training. Good Luck. My squirt is wonderful, playful, loving dog. we are crazy about her. My daughter bought her at a flea market by a BYB.
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