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Old 05-01-2005, 09:34 PM
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Default Turok a impossible love

Turok is a 6 years old pit-bull, I buy him at the vet. when he was 3 months old, in that time whe had a gernman- belgian shepherd mix named Oso (bear) he had (yeah, he's death know) 10 years old.

Turok is the most lovely dog that I had , the thing that he most love is that I brush him.

But unfurtily here's when the happiness stop, in those days they where several attacks from pits to kids and they owners, and my familly beging to worry about him, fearing that he could attack us, I say that he can never do that but my big brother take him to his house, but I still went to see him, of course he never could attack someone.

All was going ok when in '02 I read in the newspaper a terrible thing the headlines say:
"At last, the voice of the people has being heard, it will begun the EXTERMITION of all ferius pit-bulls"

Obvious I beging to panic, the newspaper say that the monsters called pit-bulls are going to be killed whitout exeption and if someone hide a pit, a enormus fine and the extermination of the dog, will be the punishment
The newspapers even show pictures of one of the "beast" pit that bite a kid beig executed whit a rifle, that was horrible, I even cried that day.

The next days they show pictures of more dogs (they where allredy death) killed by they owners.

But furtully weeks lather they let a week for the pit owners to take the dogs from the city (only in the main 2 citys the pits are forbidden) so my dad say he's going to take turok to his rach, whish is outside of those citys.

So he take him there, in that place no one think he's a moster, he has a big place to run whitout the fear of being killed, he even save the life of my father's bull, the workers where bating him, and the bull got angry, so he almost hang himself, but the workers called Turok to calm him, Turok grab the bull's nose and the workers take the cord of.
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